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Hi politicalMZZ. I'm sorry you're no longer on Digg; I'm almost out of there myself. Black State Digital and Searchlies seem to have wormed their way in and I thought you were giving the leftist scum a real good run for their British taxpayers' money which is why you're out and I'm probably not far behind. We all love you on BNP. Regards xxx

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politicalMIZZ has just been thrown off Digg for daring to speak the awful truth! We all LOVE politicalMIZZ on BNP and all she said in her submission was to give it all for Race and Nation - well not exactly those words. Why use three words when one will do?

The loony lefties with the aid of Blue State Digital and Searchlight have made a crucial error of judgement in attacking our politicalMIZZ and I hope everyone now knows the importance of getting onto Digg and taking these loony lefties on. Onwards and Upwards!

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Off topic but I just thought I'd mention that a colleague of mine has just emailed to tell me that Digg has 'temporarily' prevented a friend of his from leaving any further comments:

"Your ability to comment has been temporarily suspended because of complaints from other users." Other users no doubt meaning the loony left, BSD, Searchlight et al.

This is after leaving comments about Common Purpose and its infiltration into America.

Please visit the link; however, I have been advised NOT to digg the biased BBC link posted by a loony lefty with a Nazi avatar but to leave pro comments and to digg/bury comments as appropriate.