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It's pretty thankless trying to "police" commenters on a site like this (or any site), but even at the risk of censorship, I agree that something has to be done by the Gazette companies. I love a good discussion/argument as well as anyone as long as it is based on some sort of realistic facts and doesn't resort to personal put downs and insults. There are some serial commenters on this site that rarely add to the discussion and mainly rely on broad based diatribes. At some point they need to be held accountable for their actions.

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this will end up being a really good trail and will be very heavily used by students to the various schools by there and also for weekend and night users hooking up with the other trail systems. After about 5 years this people will really enjoy living near the trail and realize that their home values are UP because of their proximity to the trail.

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Looks like the Bush policies were good for Iowa manufacturing? 21% drop in jobs during his reign of error.

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Excellent news! Investing in CR will pay off in the long run - I think the flood control wall/amphitheatre will end up being very popular as well as effective in better controlling flood waters. Now move the fire station to the Emerald Knights and let's get on with it.

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I guess I have been going to a different game for the last 35+ years as rarely do I see anyone out of control in the parking lots, and they are usually controlled quickly by their friends or authorities. Put in a lot more porta potties and enforce the current laws - that will solve any perceived problems.

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It was just my weak attempt at parroting some of the crazy comments I see on this site about some fictional big bad government taking over their life - Tyranny, Socialism, Sharia Law!

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Branstad has clearly shown his vision on this, both through his current silence and his 16 year record as Governor - that vision is to do nothing about our watershed infrastructure even as atmospheric conditions worsen (in Branstad's vision this is just a temporary problem). You can take a ton of deserved shots at Culver, but at least he is acknowledging and attempting to mediate the problem.

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I realize King's district is exceedingly conservative, but some (most) of the stuff this guy does and says is just nuts and certainly not involved in protecting the interests of his constituents. I truly wonder why people in his district keep electing him.

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David Vitter and John Ensign will be warming up the crowd.

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There is nothing in the Constitution that says I cannot jaywalk. This is just another jack booted law by the Tyrannical government to trample the rights of ordinary citizens to do whatever they want to do as long as it suits their motives and philosophy.