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Hey, Ivan, ever done cosplay?

... Oh. How about crossdressing?

Any thoughts on Game Jams and Ludum Dare?

Puppysmiles sends interdimensional greetings.

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Also, the third song hyperlinked in the text has been removed with the removal of the Youtube account that submitted the video. Is the same song?

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Was listening to a Text to Speech readthrough of Project Horizons. Just realized that in chapter 45 on the Google Docs version, there's a single typo where Lacunae's name is written as "Lacuane" instead. Guessing it's a typo? I'm looking at the text in

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Visually, the show has never looked better. A lot of what we've had is simply gorgeous, and there's a lot of moments where the ponies and props transition so well that it's hard to tell if I'm looking at drawings or renders. It inspires fanart and fuels the imagination yet.

Writing wise, it's been... kinda weird. It's had ups and downs, not unlike seasons passed. I've personally enjoyed Season 3's stories more than Season 2 (barring Lesson Zero and the two Discord episodes, which really feel more grounded in Season 1's structure than anything.)

Crystal Empire - Forgettable. We get a good show of Twilight's increasing magical power. Cadence the unexplained crystal Princess pops up. Sombra the unimportant was outshined by Gak commercials. And instead of anything resembling redemption, the ponies *BLOW HIM TO PIECES*. I guess murder is OK in Equestria, just Celestia doesn't like the mess.

Too Many Pinkie Pies - Adorable. Nice worldbuilding and show of Twilight's growth. Showcases a bit of Pinkie's shift since Season 1 from a motormouthed savant to a really outgoing socially-insensitive walking gag.

One Bad Apple - Semicontroversial bullying episode. On the other hand, a new cute member of the CMC, and some more definitive worldbuilding in terms of fleshing out the CMC's beliefs as a group. Also, a fun song. (And probably a ton of unintentional tidbits that nudge Fallout: Equestria's canon that much closer to plausibility.)

Magic Duel - Probably the best episode of the season so far. Trixie! Alicorns! Twilight's magical capacity! AMBASSADORS. HORSES. HOLY CRAP WORLDBUILDING AND CONTINUITY EVERYWHERE AAAAAA. Oh, and it was a Twilight-centric episode with some great moments with Zecora. Really, this episode felt great all around, and not just in the 'Oh, it's just like Season 1/2' kind of way.

Sleepless in Ponyville - A very touching story that fleshes out that world that much more... Though the nature of dreams brings five questions for every implication given. While it's a good story, it seems to be a bit more serious than usual, and I'm not sure it's for the benefit of the series.

Wonderbolts Academy - A great story that never really feels too fast or two slow but again feels almost a bit too serious for the series. Maybe it's just a Pegasai thing? Also, some more continuity candy.

Apple Family Reunion - Applejack must be cursed or something with how she goes full derp in most of her feature-starring roles. Forgettable, all the way until she actually does a letter to Celestia. (Unless you're fond of ponysitting. Lots and lots of ponies sitting in the episode to look at.)

Spike At Your Service - Worrying levels of continuity-crash-and-burn as far as Spike is concerned, but the way the main six gather together is fluid and brings to mind Season 1. The subtle character gestures (Rainbow at the window sitcom style talking about her fanfics, Rarity's response to the sink piping) are amazing.

There's still time for awesome things to happen, and I'm glad to have a season at all! I'll probably keep watching the show, even if only for pretty pictures. Frankly, though, there's a pleasant fanfic writers who do a better job with FiM-style stories. Then again, those writers don't have the same kind of deadlines and formatting constraints the show staff does.

(Still hoping for a Sunny Skies All Day Long style episode to happen.)

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It's a nice tailer. Pretty fun! Still a bit iffy on Dash's voice, but I'm pretty much sold on the animation shown. About as close to the show as we're going to get for a full length dealy.

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And I still can't figure out where to get this thing.

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Could you guys please put a summary of the roundup contents *above* the cut? Heck, when I saw this in my RSS feed today, I didn't even realize it was the roundup.

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Apple Boom. Balloons. HNNNNG-
Sold. So very sold.

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BWAHAHAHA they still have horns. Clearly, magic born would just cast by hand, right?

Animations aren't amazing, but the overall look of the models they've made is nice, and I appreciate it. I'm glad I got to see this. Brightened my day a bit.

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Balloons and balloon interaction! Same thing I always ask for in pretty much everything I enjoy.

And pretty much anything else can be neat, long as it doesn't loose the cartoony nature of the ponies and the world they live in.