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Oh, I know. And the Spanish language coverage is even worse! The way they shout that interminable ¡Gooooooooooooool! after every goal? Of course we know it was a goal - we saw it go in, didn't we? And you won't believe this one: I saw this fellow line up for a corner kick, and the announcer called it a "Tiro de esquina." Of all things, right? It's a corner kick, not a tiro de whatever!

Cool article. Congratulations on the clicks.

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Humanity needs a mulligan.

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And marijuana is a gateway to eating... OMG I SEE HIS POINT!

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Those were butt jokes, right? Is she becoming Wonkete? (haz a skared)

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Blah blah blah more democrats voted for Bush in FL than anyone voted for Nader in that state, blah blah Gore couldn't win his home state, blah blah blah don't run to the right, because no one owes you their vote, blah blah blah NAFTA, Welfare Reform, blah blah blah...

Isn't that chicken lying back with a cigarette by now?

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que dit-il le renard?

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So does this mean government secrets are the new dick pix?

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But the City's been so cool without them. Can't they pout just a little bit more, plz?

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Was this on Roger Ailes's Tumblr?

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I think the rest of the G8 (or is it 7? I forget who they're letting in these days) turning us into a pariah nation would be one of the best things to happen to us.