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Fuck... yeah?

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Third three

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Sorry, I don't see it.


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Oh my.

I leave Halolz for a day to play the Wii U, and I come back to this.

I'd add fuel to the flame by bringing up tales of Sonic playing card games on motor cycles with Rainbow Dash whilst they fly over and attack Shawn with their Touhou powers in request for forums, but we practically get all that over the course of a month anyway. Bonus points if Zoe finds a hentai image of it.

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Don't you know? This is how all the flags are set up by Bowser's troops. Mario just happened to be a little bit early...

...A little II early...

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Ah, but that's where they get you. Even after the giants, you're still forced to fight swarms of every offensive class in the game with constant crits. Even as a Heavy with maximum resistances and overheal for every zombie I kill, I still found it very hard to get in there without being blown up seconds later. Bullet hell of crockets and what have you. And then there's still crit bowmen, crit demomen, crit scouts, crit pyros, and of course, a final rush of crit Heavy-Medics with uber.

Honestly, the Nightmare difficulty isn't named so to be in the Halloween spirit. It's because the difficulty truly is a nightmare.

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I must warn you all of the dreads of Wave 666. It is, frankly, literally impossible.

My team was granted a full $30,000 from the start instead of $4,000 via admin, but only then did the fight seem manageable. With the trembling forces of constant-Crocket Soldiers, giant Heavy-Medic pairs (with constant crits), a crowd of Giant Charged Soldiers each escorted with an Uber Medic, 9 tanks that perform their role during any already pressing assault by crit-Scouts... It went on, and it wasn't pretty.

We ended up getting to the end, but the $30k's "protection" has left me with a looming feeling of emptiness. I want to face up to that challenge, but it only leaves gravely regret. Gentlemen, heed my words. For your sense of being, don't subject yourself to the horrors that is Wave 666. Stay where it's safe, like in the Spooktacular Scareatorium.

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Aw, you guys are lucky. All he did was teeter around for me in some weird dance.

Everyone in the room was confused. Luigi wasn't so sure of himself either.