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A second day without AB is not any easier. I still have a sick feeling in my stomach.

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TCOT is all class.

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Oh my way. no way. no way. can't be.

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Nikkie Finke's commentary was excellent.

in the meantime, I'm not sure that making it raunchier a-la-cohen is the answer. It's nauseating enough now. Really, there would be nothing wrong with a simple awards show with a few gracious acceptance speeches.

For starters, they should trim it down to 90 minutes, and only show the awards for the best performances, director, and movie. They should stop doing dumb things like cirque de soleil and refrain from inserting Meg Ryan's "when harry met sally" fake orgasm scene into any more montages for about 10 years. That goes for that dorky E.T. movie, too. ugh.

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Thanks Andrew for posting this pic.. I must admit that I looked for it after reading your earlier article about this sad case. Seeing it, the picture with Barney Frank (ugh), and reading about how desperate DB is to be famous and accepted by the establishment, makes me wonder why he ever leaned right. As a former prisoner resident of DC, I can attest to how lonely a conservative's live can be there. A climber like he, with delusions of grandeur, must have been miserable. So, like a "convert" to any cause, he's one of the most shrill. What a sad little man.

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This guy sounds like a major freak! I read the Daily Caller piece about his penchant for keeping gun-toting security guards around him to prevent assassination by sniper (roof-top snipers, no less!)! As if he's that important?! He's sees himself as a Kennedy or MLK or Reagan? I almost threw-up in my mouth when reading the part about the picture of him shirtless and tied to a tree.

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So glad that someone finally told this phony "hamburger gobbling, cherry-coke slurping" grandpa to shut his pie hole. The Buffet butt-kissers at CNBC must be freaking out.

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Conservatives should cut the HBO cord. They'll keep producing this stuff as long as you pay them to.

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"There’s the quietly devastating moment where Homer tells Mrs. Sandoval that her son Juan died in the war". This an understatement....the flashback where Mrs. Sandoval is singing her son a lullaby is one of the most simple, yet effective renderings of a mother's heartbreak ever captured on screen. As Warren Bennett wonders above, can our country ever come back from today's hyper-jaded and cynical sensibilities? I tell myself that it's happened before in history, but with social networking technology so pervasive and the resulting degradation of public discourse, I wonder.

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I'm not a huge Palin fan... I can take or leave her. However, what bothers many of us is that we don't see similar treatment of lefties from the likes of HBO. Why hasn't their been an HBO show on the first speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi? For the simple fact that the folks in Hollywood like her. The show they'd do about Nancy Pelose would be dreadfully boring. However, they can't wait to do movies on Sarah Palin because they get a chance to lampoon and distort her. It's fun for them. They enjoy it. That's what bothers us.