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'I like to think Brietbart would have been appreciative of my prowess to piss people off....'

I am sure he was completely unaware and unimpressed with your existence. You're just another dime-a-dozen whiny, hate-filled finger pointer. Any appreciation for your extraordinary ordinariness would be in the vein of a sideshow freak.

RIP Andrew. May God watch over your family. This is a sad day.

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'Yes, but tea party aren't known for their ability to understand intentional sarcasm...'

Which is the attempt at 'intentional sarcasm'- the non-sensical posts or the bad grammar?

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If you quantified (in your world) the number of people watching '30 Rock' with the number of people who voted for 'Republican Candidate A' (in a national congressional race...keeping your bar low) you might have a leg on which to stand.

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'Didn't you know?..blah...blah...blah... missed the memo.'

The hilarious thing is you thinking you're 'clever'.

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'Big Hollywood's touchiness knows no bounds. Please, people! As one American to another I'm begging you people to come to your senses. Your loyalty to Sarah Palin is touching but it's also insane. I'm telling you true, that woman would sell you out for fifty cents if it suited her. She has only one interest at heart and it isn't "America".'

What is wrong with Sarah Palin being 'out' or looking out for herself? Should I be offended? Am I looking out for myself? Is a jackwad like you looking out for yourself?

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'What was the point of the story anyway?'

To completely debunk more pap from your leftist mentors, hollowman

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Face it, you support our first affirmative action president who is completely bereft of ideas....screw that...bereft of knowledge on anything that has to do with real life in a real world. And please label me a racist (i brought it up) but is anything other than than his skin color a reason for this dipstick to be president?

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And you have no idea what you're talking about either. I have defended no one. Just here to let you and your nitwit friend prove that you have no idea what derivatives are. I rest my case. Your heroes Gore and Soros and deal in derivatives all the time.

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'Yeah, it is like going door to door selling fire insurance without the ability to cover any claims. It is called "fraud."'

As I thought, you have no idea of that which you speak.

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'Santelli - a derivatives trader....'
'... brainwashed drones....'

Since it's a perjorative term in your simple minds, do you two knuckleheads even understand what derivatives traders do? Talk about brainwashed drones.