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Last time I checked the court still had a conservative edge, so sotomyer can vote however she wants its not going to make a difference if the conservative judges do their job.
Also there was no real opposition to Sotomyers nomination, it had no chance at being defeated so there was no point in him grandstanding for something that was a forgone conclusion, he made a political decision and I support it, and remember all we need is one more republican senator and we can block alot of what Obama wants to get passed. Toomey will be a much stronger voice for republicans and conservatives than Specter or Sestak will or could ever be.

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This plan will make tickets along the 50 yard line worth about $130/piece. They should at least put that number on the ticket so that I am not arrested trying to sell my ticket at the amount I actually invested into it, not what the face value of it is.

Never mind the fact that this plan is going to price out a lot of people who currently go to games, yes Penn State has a 30,000 person deep waiting list for tickets but what happens when 60 or 70,000 people give up their tickets because they can't afford them anymore? They are betting that won't happen, but almost universally my entire section at the 50 yard line after the last game said that if this plan takes effect they will not be getting their tickets anymore, and that is just one section, I wonder how true that is in the rest of the stadium?

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No Mike Fisher was as exciting as a rock, Corbet is at least a field of grain on a windy day.

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The biggest single problem you have with that is getting it through the house, getting something through the senate is no picinic but it is doable. The problem is the blackhole that is Babbet Josephs House State Government Committee. Several big reforms have found there way out of the senate only to die a slow and miserable death in her hands, if a constitutional convention is ever going to be called we need the republicans back in control of the house and hope a chairman of that committee who is willing to take on those issues, of course speaker turzai would hopefully be able to steer alot of that through as well, but that is the only chance we have of that.

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I've spoken to people who worked in leadership offices in the house and they said that he really did control the show, the appropriations chairs under him were really just figure heads and pushed papers, they said it was extremly frustrating because they couldn't get answers on simple questions from his office and big questions would get stone walled, there is a really good chance that most republican house members really had no idea what was going on and that the information there campaigns were getting was obtained illegally.

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I doubt it, Mencsh wasn't in leadership in House, and even if he was based on what we learned today not to much was shared with other offices, Prezel ran that caucus with an iron fist.

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Just throwing this out there that I have it from people pretty close to Argall that he has not met with Mike Long on this, he has had conversations with big time names, but they tell me Mike Long is not one of them.

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Yes he did, this time, we all know that this will be in front of the house again and he will have another opportunity to vote for it. Not saying he will I'm just saying that if does vote for it in any way shape or form it will cost him.

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If Holden votes for Odamacare he will be deadman walking in that district, I'd consider it to if I were him

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rumor has it in the capitol that if you are a house republican employee and you are indicted you are going to be sent packing, sounds like a recipe to get a lot of people spilling everything they know about what has been going on

I also heard of some high level employees who were sent the letters who have already been granted immunity so that they can spill freely, alot of people are going to go down in this, I just wonder if it will be more than the number of house dems who get indicted