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Unfortunately, many of those jobs don't get offered to folks who were making quite a bit more prior to losing their jobs - even if they wanted 'em. Hiring managers know folks will likely leave once something better comes along.

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Chuck is among the worst legislators in Congress when it it comes to our military and veterans. Want to really thank a vet? Bring Chuckles back to Iowa where he can't do any more harm to our heroes.

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Could be an honest mistake. Before relieving him of his post and stripping him of his membership, I'd like to know whether he has a pattern of going rogue, not being informed of the rules of the organization, not respecting proper decorum, etc. If this is a fluke, a heartfelt and public apology should be sufficient. If this is his norm, show him the door, and don't let it hit his backside.

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Lily, the point is not whether the American Legion endorsed a Republican, Democrat, Green, Fascist, Communist, Socialist, or other party - or no party - candidate. The point is this rogue commander attempted to endorse a candidate on behalf of his organization without authority to do so. He was clearly wrong in his actions, and if this is a pattern of his he should be relieved of his post. At a minimum, he owes his organization a profound apology.
As for your post, your attempt to change Rep. Braley's party affiliation to something other that what it is to bolster your poorly-reasoned and ill-informed position clearly shows your bias and lack of understanding of political and financial systems as well as definitions of terms and concepts used therein. I'd suggest you go back to middle school civics and learn something of world government and economics before allowing your fingers to play on a keyboard in such a public forum...they're making you look more "special" than Trig's mom. Of course, it would be understandable and forgivable if you were somehow mentally deficient due to injuries received in the course of service to our country. Enlighten us all, what branch of our military did you serve, and how long have you been a legion member?

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If you're being passed on the right, you're in the wrong lane, plain and simple. If the road is open and clear in front of you and traffic is piling up behind you, the problem is most likely you. Speed is less of an issue than the ability of the driver to drive.

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Richard went from loving tribute about a fallen friend to batstick nutter in just a few short paragraphs. No wonder more and more people are rejecting his invisible friend. Rich, seek psychiatric help....soon!

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And of course you paid the extra dollar or two to insure them, right? Did you price the shipping with FedEx, UPS, or any other carrier?
I bet your phone only rings when you're in the shower, too.

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Silace is gay....and not in the good way.

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Way to go, terd blossom. They post your claptrap, they printed Glenn's diatribe.

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Wrong position, or different than your position? Seems the truth always brings out the batstick crazies....see, it brought out Silace!