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Great! A new Baby!!!!!
Count me in! I just joined late last week. I still have dial up so it takes a while to get into things!
I just posted something close to yours on vent. All the talk in the world will be just that at the end of the day.....just talk! I don't need to be a leader to help. I do awesome work in the back ground!!! Let me know what I can do.

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You know, we can stay here or other conservative websites, and talk all this talk, but in the end, if we don't have a game plan on how to stop this Govt, we are just spinning our wheels. We need to get serious about this problem and get a plan of action in motion. I think there is going to be some Repubs that are going to jump on any band wagon we get going, and say they are with us. I say B.S.! If they shared our views in the first place, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess we're in now. And the Dems! Well, we expect this spending crap from them.
One of the most bothersome, one of many, the President really an American citizen? This doesn't seem to have any weight in the Media-even to Fox. Why is that? Maybe if we focused on this issue more, we could get it brought to an end. At least an update ever now and again. There is no reason, unless he is hiding something, that he (BO) should not release any and all documents related to this subject. Should make every American wonder! I do understand there is other news to cover and uncover, but this makes my skin crawl thinking the President might be one of our outside enemies.
Look at the GPS marking our front doors. Does any Dem think this is questionable? The taking over of the private sector? The cap on bonuses given to the private sector businesses? OMG! STOP! STOP! STOP!

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We need to keep this issue in the forefront. I don't think this should be considered a right-wing anything. The American people should be screaming about this issue. Is there anyone out there, besides us 9.12ers, that think this needs to be researched? If BO has nothing to hide, why is he spending boat loads of money trying to stop the records, reports, docs from getting out? Boy, this just keeps getting deeper and deeper! Are we in a mess or what?

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HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009: Sounds like the 2nd Amendment is falling by the way side, if the Dems get their way. This is totally outrageous. I, for one, will not lay down for this one. We need our arms, it is becoming more apparent everyday, to protect ourselves against this Gov't. I never thought this would come to pass, but guess what, here we are.

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Has everyone forgot......we have never seen this Presidents Birth Certificate????? Check out . These people are working hard to get a look at it. Why is he hiding it if he has nothing to hide? I think this needs to be corrected. Then maybe all this GPS stuff and the rest of his crap could be stopped.