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"is there anyone else here that never had the privlage of meeting AB that feels like they've lost a personal friend? "

My co-worker and I were just talking about this. We both agreed that the kind of shock and loss we feel today is akin to having lost someone close to us, even though we'd never met the man. One of the things we enjoyed doing during our lunch breaks would be to watch videos of AB confronting those who hated him the most and cheer him on while marveling at his fearlessness. The man had stones, and his wit and his sheer audacity will be missed.

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This is such a tremendous loss. What I loved about Andrew Breitbart was his boldness - his ability to walk right into the storm (or in some cases rollerblade into the storm!) with a smile on his face. The world is going to be a little less interesting without him in it. My heart breaks for his wife and children. Rest in peace, Andrew.

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Christopher Hitchens wrote a brilliant article about the Borat movie. While most reviewers thought it made Americans look foolish and rude, Hitchens argues just the opposite - that the movie revealed just how polite and tolerant many Americans are, sometimes to a fault. Hitchens also makes the point that the only people who displayed any kind of in your face a-holery were the liberal feminists.

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"Personally, I liked the University; they gave us money and facilities, we didn't have to produce anything. You've never been out of college. You don't know what it's like out there. I've worked in the private sector--they expect results!"

-Dan Ackroyd's character Dr Raymond Stantz in "Ghostbusters"

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This is the last line of Dodd's letter in response to online opposition to SOPA:

"It is our hope that the White House and the Congress will call on those who intend to stage this “blackout” to stop the hyperbole and PR stunts and engage in meaningful efforts to combat piracy."

Dodd's accusing others of hyperbole is rich, considering he wrote following in his letter:

"... technology business interests are resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns."

" It abuse of power..."

" It’s a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests."

"A so-called “blackout” is yet another gimmick, albeit a dangerous one, designed to punish elected and administration officials..."

Chris Dodd is nothing more than a power-hungry, corrupt elitist. Reading his letter, one can almost hear him screaming, "My intentions are good and besides, I know best!" His letter would be laughable if it weren't so obvious that he believes every single word it says. He actually accuses others of "an abuse of power" because they're using their God-given right to free speech and standing up to prevent a bad law from being passed. What an a$$h0le.

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I have a hard time saying anything bad about Selena Gomez. A buddy of mine directed her in a small, independent kid's film several years ago, called "Brain Zapped!" before Disney snapped her up. It took a few years to complete the film editing since it was low budget, so by the time he was finished with it, Gomez was with Disney and well on her way to becoming a star. But my friend still kept in touch with Gomez's family. He was talking to Gomez's mother one day and mentioned that his little girl was having a birthday party that weekend. The day of the party, his phone rang and it was Selena Gomez, calling to wish his daughter a happy birthday. He put her on speaker so all the girls could hear, and he said it just made his daughter's day -- and her friends thought it was the most incredible thing that she knew Selena Gomez. Obviously, Gomez didn't have to call. It's not like my friend is a "big time" producer she needed to impress, and by that time she was plenty busy with Disney. I thought it said a lot about her that she would take a moment to call and wish a little girl happy birthday. Even though her music isn't my taste, I think she has real talent and staying power.

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I totally agree with you, and that's why I was so happy to have found this:

It was founded by Bill Whittle, one of my favorite conservative bloggers/commentators. They have two films in the pipeline now, and they're funding comes totally from "citizen producers" who are tired of the same old same old coming out of Hollywood. I highly recommend you check out the site.

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Thank you Mr. Nolte, for recommending "Garbo Talks." I would recommend this film to my friends, and nobody had ever heard of it. I remember seeing it back when I was younger, maybe 14 or so. It was on television - maybe on HBO or something - and I stumbled upon it. Once I started watching I was hooked. Couldn't leave the couch until it was over. I've always wanted to see it again. Now I'm off to program the DVR!

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And when they're finished, they'll give them all a standing ovation like they did for Charlie Rangel...

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What will the excuse be?

"It's Bush's fault!"