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jump to the 8:20 mark for the question.

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A lot a bit of everypony

Smart, studious, easily frustrated, naive - Twilight
Shy, antisocial, quiet, kind - Fluttershy
Generous, sure of myself, perfectionist - Rarity
Hard working, stubborn, family oriented -Applejack
Loyal to a fault, brash, adventurous, competitive - Rainbow Dash
Goofy, random, quick with a joke - Pinkie Pie

And that's just the Mane 6. I'm a big brother type like Big Mac, and always see the child in me through the CMC, and I and I'd think we'd all be able to go on. The characters may have a generalized single (ish) character trait/flaw but they are more than just that generalization. Each character is more and aspire to be more, like we all do, or hope we all do anyways.

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Me too, just outside Reading PA. The skeptic in me looked it up and from what I saw the article was for last year's parade... so we'll see, anypony remember last year's parade and whether it was a G4 pony?

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I guess you'd call that, "life-size". XD

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I did DHX a solid on twitter, of course 140 characters is too bloody short.... Look I know a lot folks are afraid of what EQG may mean for ponies in general, but I really think those folks are choosing to focus on the negative. It could be just as good as MLP, right? This is the same team that has brought us 3 seasons of awesome pony goodness already. And if anypony is gonna come back with, "Lauren left after season1!!!" It's true, we all know it. But season 2 is arguably the best of the 3 seasons so far, the season AFTER she left.

Look, relax kids. We all have a choice here, you can give this a chance, an educated shot like we all gave a cartoon for "little girls" a shot.... or you can live in fear and "RABBLE-RABBLE-RABBLE" on and possibly do inadvertent harm to the entire community and show we ALL love!

A great pony once said, "Everypony must face them (fears) in their own way. But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue." Like it says above, these guys work hard, and give this fandom more insight into any show ever created. Give them your faith.

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No worries... like anyone actually watches SNL.

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Derpy was also in the crowd on the right as Twi came out on her carriage, behind the guard ponies.

And props to the animators who put Lyra and BonBon in the last scene. You gotta notice Lyra bouncing up and down all super excited like, right next to BonBon!!