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The issue with glock is that they do not have an external safety which automatically excludes them from this. Sad but true.

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No in regards to the politics thing. The army said that they are looking for a modular system that includes replacement back straps with a polymer frame. The Beretta M93A3 as none of those. (I think that the picture is just a stock photo that was used to show a soldier shooting something other than an M9.)

Also in regards to the ammo, the every day US Soldier is issued Ball ammo so the ballistics between 9mm and 40S&W ball is what they are looking at.

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I took a printing class in high school that was quite underfunded and they still used one. That was the only reason I knew.

I would agree with the carbide lamp however the glass goes through the metallic housing which leads me away from anything on an automobile.

Possibly an antique theater stage lamp?

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That sir, is a Meopta Opemus 6x6 format enlarger!

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Yeah it was a Furz Fahrrad. Too much magical fruit in the fuel supply caused catastrophic failures as depicted on this package.

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30 minutes from my house and I had no idea it was that good! I feel ashamed :( Guess I know where I will be going this weekend!

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I just watched all 5:50 of it... I didn't want to, but I just could't turn away. Very cool

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This is obviously a product of the 50's. Is there any way that we can bring the 50's back so that we can have all the cool stuff like this again? I will listen to all ideas regarding bringing the 50's back up to and very much including time travel.

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Ill take the stove in the back. Im assuming its part of the collection since its in the picture.. or is this a nasty case of false advertisement?

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Too scared of malware virus crap to do that unfortunately.