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Leftist totalitarian fascists lie every single day every time they open their mouths.

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Fauxohontas not only lied about being Cherokee but the truth is her ancestors rounded up cherokees and forced them on the Trail of Tears. And then there is the whole plagarism thing where she stole recipes straight out of the newpaper and put them in her book claiming they had been passed odwn for generations. Cherokee crab recipes. Apparently the Cherokee hunted the mighty crabs on the plains of the west when buffalo was out of season. She is a pathological liar. Look how white she is.

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The lemmings are all going to suicide bridge?

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Did she survive? Those triggers are touchy. No one in their right mind would ever tuck a gun into their pants like that.

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Yay! A holiday that celebrates participatory littering. Fill the gutter in your city with litter too! It's FUN!

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If they happily pass off this misinformation as the truth just imagine how wildly wrong the rest of their reporting is.

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You shouldn't go out if you cannot afford to pay the staff.

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You boss paying you minimum wage just means your job is not producung enough money to pay for you. It is a wonder you haven't been fired yet. I bet Chris was fired for being lazy too.

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We don't need or appreciate your anti-semitism. Your wish to willfully destroy Israel is not amusing. Go away.

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The objection people have is being enslaved to pay for abortions that are morally repugnant and religiously offensive to them. Conservatives in general are not looking to make abortion illegal; they just don't want to be forced to pay for grinding up babies.