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Sorry all, fixed now.

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Vidspot is a legit host I've been using for years. I've just clicked it myself and got no nasty porn popups or the like.
Is anyone else having the same issue as MNB?

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Crap, sorry all.
I've updated the links now but understand it's too late and the result will have ben ruined for some of you :(

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Yes. Won't be back for another week yet still :(

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I can't get them anywhere - really struggling to find episodes for this series at all unfortunately. Seems ITV are being very agressive in getting the links taken down so not many are bothering.

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I'm manually approving all comments at the moment, so they might not appear instantly but they will appear. Just a temporary solution will I find a working spam filter as the site was getting bombarded with spam for a while.

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Sorry all, not sure how that happened.

Updated the links now.

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Ooops. Will add now.

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I didn't even find Tony that bad IN the game, nevermind worrying what he's really like out of it. He broke promises and swore on things he perhaps shouldn't have but many players have done the same and a lot worse!

I didn't really like Tony - the season was far too dominated by him and I think the fact he had his 'bag of tricks' made him untouchable a lot of the time (though that's because HE used the idols he found and the threat of idols he may have wisely!!). But didn't see him as a bad guy and definitely think him a deserving winner.

I take it this season has been a big hit with the fans with the way Jeff was going on? I thought it was a good one with an OK cast but I wasn't thaaaaaaaat excited by it!