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All 106$? You sure?

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Probably that she was a eugenics practicing weirdo who believed that abortion was the key to eliminating the undesirables (read:blacks) from society. That is to say that the problem that the Church has with Sanger is the exact same problem that they had with Hitler.

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Well I guess when you're human garbage this kinda thing just happens.

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You mean all those media lies? Remember that's all spin doctored to make the OWS crowd look almost as evil as those damn Tea Partiers Duh

/sarc off

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We'd be lucky to seem him get censured, much less charged with any real crimes. It's Rangel all over again.

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Well since Obamacare doesn't actually run the hospitals directly either, not the way it is done in Canada or Britain for example, then I guess it's not all bad either. My mind is switched on, please explain to me the many differences between the two. And that one is federal, and the other is state doesn't count.

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Gov't run healthcare=gov't run healthcare. There's no two ways around it. And iirc he's already said he just wants to get rid of the bad parts and keep the good parts. Yeah that sounds promising... Besides I can just see the debate now. "President Obama here favors gov't mandated healthcare, which if you look at my record...I...do too....aw crap..."

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The major problem with Romney is that he won't do very much to reverse all the democrat's bullcrap from the last few years, and when it all goes to crap under his watch the GOP will be blamed. We need either someone who can completely dismantle the leftist agenda, or to let it continue so when it fails as hard as it will there will only be one possible way to point the blame.

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I'm not really looking forward to Romney trying to attack Obamacare... which is of course assuming he even does.