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I'm still waiting for the Inquirer headline, "(Extreme) Liberal Joe Sestak woos moderates in Senate campaign." Somehow, I think I'll be waiting for awhile. Of course, we all *know* that Democrats are always moderate, balanced, and objective. It's those pesky right-wingers who are ideologically-unhinged.

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Thank goodness for Keith Rothfus!

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And a Senator Sestak would make Bobby Casey look like Jim DeMint. But yeah, Toomey's not conservative enough. So let's elect Sestak.

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I couldn't agree more, DelcoDad. I saw it on tonight's news as well. It's a brilliant move to define Sestak this early on.

Sestak's a far, far lefty--as anyone from Delco knows--and we must preempt Sestak's own moves to the center. He'll run a center-left campaign, highlighting his Navy background. He won nearly every county in the state, even among conservative Democrats in western and central PA. We can't afford for that to happen in the general election in a blue state.

Specter's big mistake was allowing Sestak to shape the narrative from early on. Toomey won't allow that to happen.

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Very true, Ryan. Far too many candidates ran, and the vote was fragmented. But it revealed everyone's antipathy for Cawley, nevertheless. I wish one or two others had run--not eight or nine. If only principles triumphed over ego. The regional vote was interesting and expected (Metcalfe big in NWPA, Cawley in SEPA, etc.).

I'm interested in your thoughts on PA-12, Ryan. Your descriptions of the district and its voters were once again proven correct. My opinion of the district has been lowered even further, if that's even possible. At least the 8-9% margin was closer than the usual 20+%. Hell, at least the district will soon be phased out.

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Dolley, it wasn't a great night. It may not be much consolation for you, but take faith in a few things. Rothfus beat Buchanan by a huge margin. The LG race was splintered quite closely, and Cawley got only 25% of the vote. I'm a Toomey guy. I know you're not a fan. But he'll be a great candidate against the far-left,, Joe Sestak.

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Cambria County probably came in first. It's difficult to say. I hope Burns pulls this out, but I wouldn't bet a nickel on this district doing something right for a change. Shocked by PA-3. Will Kelly beat Huber? Nice to see Rothfus ahead of Buchanan. Ditto for the LG race division of the vote. Trivedi over establishment-favored Pike. And Arlen's hours look numbered.

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I agree, Ryan. Specter will survive--just narrowly--tomorrow. It'll be up to us (and I relish the opportunity) to defeat him in November. Toomey vs. Specter Round 2 won't end the same way it did in 2004.

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Specter wins by double-digits; I guarantee it. Outside of SEPA, nobody knows who Sestak is. Not to mention, I would like to see him win the primary. A Toomey victory over Specter will be unbelievably sweet.

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Steve, are you a disgruntled member of Team Russell or Team Critz?