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updated ultrasn0w helps a lot in standby.
before - 2.5% per 1hr
updated - 1% per 3hrs

Thanks Dev Team

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Hey, didn't realize you got it! just posted on ur last msg as i am also in UAE.
Let me know how 3g network is for you, mine is very sporadic...sometimes good and a lot of times not working at all. maybe its just etisalat.
If u are on etisalat, let me know if you can get mms to work, i can't get the right settings for the life of me!

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I'm living in the UAE and got around it by using a VPN connection to get to the URL.

Let me know how things go (i'm on etisalat) and since JB/UL, my 3g networks is very unreliable...sometimes working great with no problems, and a lot of times tells me there is no internet connection. very annoying.

also mms is a problem. i have the ability to configure the cell data network but just haven't found the right settings that work. and then the baterry aghhh haha
keep me posted

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i'll be intrested to see if the drainage increases with time tho...i also had reset network only diff was that i had done this after i removed the bundle.bundle and my carriers MCC MNC.

anyways, it seemed to be working better. to test i turned everything off: 3g, data, wifi, push, facetime, (tethering was no longer a toggle) but i had options in the cellular data setting.
in standby:

First 3 hrs - 2% drain (.75/hr)
went to sleep
Next 6 hrs - 16% drain (2.6/hr)

woke up very dissapointed...thats a lot of drainage for a completely idle device...wish i had done this test pre JB/UL tho to really have a comparison.

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You can also use terminal on ur mac (not sure what the alternate for pc).
It's quite quick and you can change both root and mobile user password.
Type into terminal:

ssh root@(your iphones ip address)
it will ask for password, put in the default (alpine)
then type: passwd
prompts you for new password which you put in twice. Done.

to also change mobile user passwd type:
mobile login
asked for default password (also alpine)
again, "passwd" to change. you are prompted for old first then you put new one in twice also. Done.

then type in exit to log out of both.
hope this helps :)

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Alright! Got everything to show :)

Now to find the correct settings hmm.
anyone know the MMS settings for ETISALAT provider? found one set but didnt work...

also, my 3g network isn't working very well. enabled and showing 3G in status bar but when trying to load a page in safari or anything, it says "cannot.....bc not connected to internet".
it's worked fine on maybe one or two occasions...very annoying. Am i missing something?

Lastly @gacrepoz, since following ur instructions which worked great, every time i plug into itunes it says "iTunes needs to check for an update to the carrier settings for your iPhone"
is this normal?
i just hit cancel rather than check.

Thanks so much!

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haha i know! It's so close!!
So tired of continually starting from fresh tho...
first iphone so i've had a LOT to figure out but getting there.

here's to rostore #396740308 :)

Thanks for the help...will let you know how it goes!

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ok so when i reset network settings and rebooted, i got the extended cellular data network tab and facetime toggle back.

Inside cell network tab are settings for cellular data, mms, and tethering.
But in messages settings the toggle for MMS on/off is still that supposed to happen?
if not, anyone know how to get it back?

Thanks for all the help!

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I did exactly this. Removed the MNC MCC code of the sim in the phone (etisalat), and deleted the carrier bundle.bundle.
Now i've completely lost the tabs for MMS msg and Fcae Time. And also Cellular Data is still just an on/off switch, no further settings.

Where did i go wrong?

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working fine now...just started from scratch :P prob stupid but its working now.
was able to use terminal (on my mac) immediately without mobileterminal, to change root psswd. I was reading that may have been why i couldn't ssh anymore. got hacked?
either way feeling more secure...that was my problem earlier anyways, wanted to change psswd but mobileterminal wouldn't run (on iph4 4.0.4) without the upgrade
now working on cyberduck and all.