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So sad that the Pony Fantasy 6 website got taken down. Request for new download links plez? xD

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Alright. Let's just agree to disagree then.
And just remember that we're all people here with our own problems. At least for me, when someone's acting like a jerk, all it takes is both a little honesty AND kindness.

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Which is why I'm upset at them both.

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Alright I get it, you just had to it and I kind of agree with what you said.

But at the expense of the other readers here at EqD? I know I get down whenever I see drama like this on a site to go when I want to get cheered up by ponies.

"He f*cked with my enjoyment of the show, now he's f*cking with my enjoyment of this site, so yeah." Because right now, you yourself are fucking with others enjoyment of the site. I'm not defending him and I'm not attacking you, but I'm simply voicing out my concern of you willing to "do it again" on perhaps another post involving BlackGryphon.

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What I don't understand is this: what is the point of attacking him like that when all it's going to do is the exact opposite of him learning to be a better person?

There are ways other than calling him trash to get him to acknowledge your concerns. Hell, you may even be able to make him realize that he acted immaturely.

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I don't want to believe what these guys are saying, but your behavior right now isn't a good thing. I know you might be fed up and I'm certain that they're fed up with you as well so please just show them that you are more mature than this because this kind of behavior isn't helping with how they think about you.

Both Icarus and Warlock weren't even insulting you and you call them "people like you guys"? That's honestly not nice. They were just calling out how you gave in to some of the hurtful comments on here. Show people that you're better than that.

"People believe what they want to believe, and if they want to hate me, they're going to hate me and there's nothing I can do or say tot change that. I can sure as heck have fun with it though!"

Come on, BlackGryphon. You know that's not true. "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

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Looks like it's winning again. xD

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All my yes to dangerous business!

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I see no ships anywhere, only an adorable pairing. ;)

Really doe, true OTP is Tom x Boulder.

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Oh man finally it's released! I remember when Magic Shards was first released. xD Anyone else?
Sure been in this fandom for a LONG time haha.