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Well he is a holocaust denier. On the upside, his kickoff event did serve Buffalo burgers.

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I'd suggest "Electile dysfunction," because Morrissey rides a cock horse.

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Considering his commie-ness, I'm surprised the White House doesn't brew a Russian Imperial.
Oh, and supporting Coors Light (or CL Smoothies as the brahs call them) = supporting Pete Coors and Joe Coors = supporting America = Hooray^n

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Saw them in '07 at the Fillmore in Denver. An amazing show. Because ticket prices were kind of high, the Beastie Boys requested fans get themselves gussied up in their finest. and nearly everyone obliged. They also gave out free apples at the door, which was just about the most amazing thing ever. I'll definitely be blasting my scratched up vinyl copy of Paul's Boutique after work tonight.

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And thus god messed with Texas.

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Barack: I'd gladly take your money for a dream deferred today.
If Wonkette Jr.'s first name is truck, then the last name must be "asaurus."

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And here I thought hiding in the closet was the normal reaction to a visit by Joe Biden.

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Pfft... It's not like Libya will actually be a war. I mean, Obama himself said this would be en extremely limited conflict not to be escalated.
Oh, right. He's a fucking liar:
"Even after a week of U.S.-led air strikes, forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi are a potent threat to civilians, say Pentagon officials who are considering expanding the firepower and airborne surveillance systems in the military campaign." (AP)
Ever the optimist, I'll imagine things get better, but still feel that at some point soon, even the pacifists in this county will begin stockpiling rubber bullets.

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Where is this!?!? I saw this very same camper late last summer in a Safeway parking lot in Laramie, Wyo. Crazy gets around, apparently.

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So in a lot of governing bodies, any action taken during a meeting that was not considered "open," i.e. they didn't give proper notification in the legals and so on, all action taken can be considered void. I noticed the lone Democratic rep made some noise about the meeting not being open. Anyone have ideas for ramifications of this in Wisconsin?