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Why put quotes around it? And why do you make a false contrast as if gay parents are not normal? Your language seems to betray a negative bias.

And I don't believe the claim is made that gay parents are better than straight parents. The study (if I understand the article correctly) merely says the children of gay parents are as well-off health-wise as children of straight parents, and on some measures (like family cohesion) even do better as a group. The reason we study these things is to combat and disprove the negative claims that children are somehow harmed by having gay parents, simply because the parents are gay rather than for some specific thing that sets them apart as "bad" parents (i.e., malnutrition, neglect, academic failure, etc.)

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It says "He added that for people of faith, they should stick to their religious beliefs, but stressed that same-sex marriage is an “individual business.”"

It does not say they should stick to the dictates of their spiritual traditions. It also doesn't say they should stick to their denominational doctrines. It says they should follow THEIR OWN BELIEFS. Just like Christians of all flavors have their own interpretations on other issues (should woman wear pants? can we use tobacco or alcohol? can we work on the Sabbath? etc.) and often will live their lives in ways their church might not approve, it is up to the individual to work it out in their own mind and faith.

I have no problem with HH the Dalai Lama's statement.

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Perkins claims he wants "live and let live", but he clearly has no awareness that it also applies to others.

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"You tell a lie long enough, people start to believe it" - that's why so many churches still have members, and why so many people actually believe in Jesus as their "lord and savior".

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So does this mean that his opinion is for a couple living in Massachusetts and gets married in Massachusetts but then next year moves to Texas, their marriage will be voided? Or is he only going after those who travel to Massachusetts or some place, just to get married? This needs to be clarified.

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"Elf" was in 2003, not 1983.

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That's not how the law works. Bakers (and florists, etc.) don't get to pick and choose and discriminate. They aren't selling a "religious" product, and they are not performing a "religious" service. They are only involved in baking (or floral arrangements, etc.). Their religious convictions about same-sex marriage have nothing to do with it. They probably have religious convictions about adultery or divorce or other alleged "sins" -- would they bake a cake for the wedding of a guy who dumped his wife and kids to marry some floozie half his age?

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>>“Under no circumstances is the pastor to officiate, participate, or endorse any wedding ceremony that violates the belief and teaching of this church body in accordance with the Bible,” the statement read.<<

So it appears that if the pastor wants to bless a union on his own, away from church property, the Leader of the Church (the Shepherd) has had his hands tied by the Followers (the Sheep). And yet the Christians keep whining about pastors being "forced" to perform weddings they don't agree with, this church has done just the opposite, forcing the pastor to restrict is pastoral functions to what the church wants him to do.

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Actually, I think we are all (in this thread) essentially agreed on the principle of keeping the state out of clergy matters.

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yes, I know. That's what I said at the very start of this thread.