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Hey Dan.
Thanks for dropping by (and following on Twitter). Actually, I have tried to practice the technique you mention during my last 10 years of pastoring. I agree that it is a foundation for true leadership.
One issue that I plan to write about in my "authority" series here is the DIRECTION of travel which authority takes. It offers a different perspective on this issue. I hope to have the article out in the next day or so. I will post an announcement on @chiefshep.

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If this works correctly, the comment will also show up on Facebook. If you respond from within Facebook, your comment should also be visible on the CDN Today website.

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Well, I tried ID and I finally switched to Disqus. It has all of the features that I want when ID is still trying to implement them. I understand that Disqus is more widely used and therefore more people who are already signed up.

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I have two suggestions for future:
1. I have several sites with ID installed. I have to switch between the sites to manage the comments on each. A single dashboard where I could manage the comments from all my sites would really be helpful.
2. There is a function to display a short notice to users. However, that only displays if a user is logged in to ID. What I need is a separate dispay that I could configure. I would add more explanation to the non-logged users that they have to sign up with ID and log in before commenting.

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@ Freddie: Not a problem. I hope to add some of those instructions to the Website Design series of articles eventually but too busy right now. Just give me a call - When you call, be seated at your computer and logged in to the site. I will walk you through some of the edits available to you.

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Remember to VOTE for the comments that help you.

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No problem. It is working fine now. Gotta help each other out, huh?

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Just a note: I use Ubuntu Linux and your comments box (when activated) overlays the existing blog text. It is almost impossible to read or to post into. You may wish to change to the STANDARD style instead of the "pop-out" version. I am not sure if I left any typos since I can barely read anything after the box popped out.

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Thank you for your comments and for sharing links to this site with your friends. Your comments and links back to the site are all part of the grade we received. Would you help me get the grade up to 99%? Just comment more and share the site more. Thanks.

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Hey Rick - glad you stopped by. I did look at your website. It is pretty difficult for me to make any suggestions about the particular site because I do not know what options are available to you on the hosting service that you use. Since it is a FREE hosting service, I assume that you are severely limited in what you can do to make your site more attractive. When you compare my different sites, you can see that, although I use the same software (WordPress) for all sites, they have a totally different look and feel. The WP software has almost unlimited possibilities for creating a unique site. I have a series of articles on this site that may help you. Start with this one: http://raywaldo.com/2009/10/free-web-hosting/
Send me a private message (or call) and I can help you even more with this.