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I don't know about you, but I'm what you would call an apex predator. Now with that said, I see coyotes all over the metro area, and at no time did I ever feel threatened, but at the same time I'm not letting my cats outside anytime soon. Look people, coyotes have been running around Portland for year, then again so have raccoons. Let us all grow a set and Harden the F up and carry on.

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A wacky morning D.J. pulling some dumb stunt, well done KUFO! I miss people like Cort, Fatboy Roberts, Rick Emerson, Sarah X. Dylan and Tim Riley.

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I've never watched "Girls with Low Self Esteem" but I can say that Joe Francis was in the right place at the right time and made millions filming drunk women. Is it right or wrong? I doesn't matter really, but Joe Francis is a massive douchebag.
Francis thinks that he is above the law. In 2007, The Associated Press reported that Francis (in jail for contempt of court) offered a guard one hundred and then five hundred dollars for a bottled water.
Oh and in 2008 Francis was convicted on child abuse and prostitution charges in Florida.
I understand that Florida is built on a hell mouth, but why isn't Francis doing "hard time"?

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Forest Edge Apartments...Wasn't that the place Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis were taken from? Is that complex built on an ancient Indian burial ground?

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Car dealers do this kind of thing all the time. You call and asked if they have a car that you are looking for and they tell you that they do, but when you get there, no car. The deal then tells you they other similar cars for you to look at.

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ONE COUNT,JUST ONE? What the hell? I know that Stirling Anderson cooperated with WCSO, but only one count? COME ON!!!!!!!

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I'm a little shocked that the Website is still up. Then again we are not dealing with the best or brightest.

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The state of Oregon has The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training or DPSST. DPSST oversees for police, fire, corrections, parole and probation, and telecommunications personnel, in addition to licensing private security providers and private investigators.
The State of Oregon will pull his licensing right away, however he can transfer his company to another person, but who would want the headache?
One of the biggest problems right now in the security industry is that a lot of companies don't carry a lot if any insurance, it not required by DPSST. It's solely up to the person/company to check on a security companies insurance.

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Who watches the watchers? The story was wrong when they stated that an OES employee reported seeing Anderson and McMillan, it was in fact another security company, Arcadia Security Department, that was hired by OES to check on Northwest Merchant Patrol.

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He did not get a death sentence because of his cooperation with authorities.