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need to go to a Gun show. I reload my 8mm Mauser from 3006 brass. If your Not into a match round for round, you need to order bulk. Last case took me 3 months to get. I quit shooting. You can look up remmington for loading. there in the neighborhood of 57 grains depending on powder used and FPS attained & 180gr soft point. to 220. I would go with bulk, takes me forever to reload my mauser and is dangerous if you mess up and not know it. my loads are compressed with a 200 gr soft point. and my drop at 1000 yards is 32 feet +- 3 feet in temp and wind but pretty damn good once on paper. Ah yes the MOA scale comes in handy I tell ya !

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I feel ya man !! Your right on the money. I am happy to read that there is a lot of like minded people for God and Constitution.

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expressing 1st amendment here I think......we will accept it and love it. That is what will happen PERIOD

Why be scared of a second American civil war? Embrace the fact that theres others like you and me that won't submit to Socialism & Tyranny. We all die, do you want it in handcuffs or standing up. I want peace too don't get me wrong but, Do you really see us going back ??? Just sayin'!!!

All you wrote above wouldn't come about if the Gov't cared about a free society. since what was it 1971 when the Gold standard finally went away, all this Garbage came about. Long slow death of our Constitution.

There ultimate goal is to DISARM us all !! Once that happens its over! Over night. But until they do that, its just slow moves into total control. If a second civil war came about, hell ! it means either the USA is no more, or we win and USA still stands. No country in there right mind would invade us due to the fact were Armed citizens, its a blessing to be armed and a right. George Washington would of already have led an army to take back the Republic. I love my country, I love peace but, in 20 years what will your kids say when they turn to you and say Jesus ! you were free and gave it up cause you were scared of a bully.

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Any drill bit will Drill through Shale. Its soft. Usually caving in porus fractured formation, but stable to a point. Drilling mud rotary which is what Oil fields use and Oil is usually found in shale because of it being ocean floor at one time. Don't ever believe it can't be drilled, There are bits and methods for every type of drilling encountered on this planet. 14 years of Drilling myself, They are just lying.

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I think: Lay waste to Iran. Let Israel do it. BHO is a Moron. HAVE TO SAY THAT BEFORE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS TAKEN AWAY. Were F'd Guys & Gals. Its only a SHORT matter of time until our Constitiution is burned starting a camp fire and roasting Americans and laying waste to us for Fascist Liberal Americants to take our place, The new Germany.

Pull our troops out of the Middle east, nuke the entire place, send 25 over to N. Korea, Then ask which Country is next !!! Only people who want freedom & Democracy is AMERICA.

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International conflict is, what is definitely going to happen.

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Can't sit here any longer seeing the demise of this Country. No new answers to the problems People. Only need one new question to be answered and acted upon which is THROW THEM OUT OF OFFICE and START OVER. make our CONSTITUTION once again MASTER.

Throw it all out. America can not do this anymore. If we keep making answers to problems while keeping the enemy in office still, it only postpones the same horrible agenda for our kids to deal with and the Educational pratices today ??" I only have one friend who can tell me about US History." start shoving the constitution down ones throat. That senator is playing a fool. That Blood house could care less about us and want us disarmed and broke. Sorry if off topic.

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Glad you think so.

If you know many that are TOOLS, than Its not to reassuring. No one at my work can even give me the date of the signing of our Constitution, Know where I'm going after that said.?

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Its Disgusting !! Period

My grandfathers were on Both sides, one German Army, one US Army. Our family lost a few cousins in the Holocaust.

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thats the point of the sain