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davidm-"I can't wait for the first discrimination claim by a 'secondary wife' about only getting £33.65 a week while the 'primary' wife gets more LOL! "

Actually, this is a good point, David. In Islamic law, as I understand it, Muslim men are supposed to treat their wives equally. So by paying their other wives less, I suppose Muslims could complain the Government is forcing them to violate their religious obligations.
If Muslims haven't yet made this complaint, it will only be because they haven't thought of it. After all, if the government is forced to choose between screwing British taxpayers yet again and not offending their most precious minority, it's pretty obvious who would win.

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Two questions-

How many EU/ non EU immigrants to Ireland were able to vote in the referendum?

Is President Blair being lined up as a way to make the Euro seem less 'foreign' to the British, thus getting us to join?

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On both the BBC news and in the Daily Mail the report said the English Defence league 'claimed' not to be racist. I am no supporter of theirs, but I cannot recall there being any incident involving them that could possibly be construed as racist. We used to be innocent until proven guilty in this country, but where there is a risk of offending one of the State's pet minorities, you have to prove you you not guilty before you have even commited a crime.
I think it is good that they are being describIed as 'far-right', though. If 'far-right' now means anyone who disagrees with Islamic extremism, then more and more British people are going to be wondering whether this means they are as well.
And as for the idea that Muslim youths are 'anti-fascists'...it is laughable. Everything written on the news is in code these days. Far right=white, anti-fascist=Muslim, youth=black kid with a knife, race riot=Muslim riot, knife crime=black crime, diversity=ethnic cleansing, tolerance=surrender, Islamic extremism=Islam, community cohesion=bowing to Islam....

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At least there's one area of British life where Muslims won't complain about being 'under-represented'

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How often have you ever seen a sci-fi series or film which showed a non-white future? It happens only rarely (I can only think of Bladerunner). People have learned to speak the language of diversity and they have learned to police their own thought, but they still have not mentally accepted the horrifying truth of what the West will look like in another 50 years. If the powers-that-be really believed that diversity was good they would want to proclaim the growth of foreign names from the rooftops. Perhaps some of them do. But they know that such glimmers of truth would frighten people and make them think where we are heading.
I sometime wonder whether climate-change obsessives (who are all white), who endlessly talk about 'the greatest crime of the century' and how we are 'destroying our children's future' are subconsciously displacing their own anxieties about immigration and race into a more acceptable sphere, because the language they use is almost identical.

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I used to love doing a BNP paper stall in town. Quite often I would see people eye us up in the distance and make a beeline for us, with the determined look of someone about to give out a sound verbal thrashing to the knuckle-dragging idiots.
But it never turned out that way. Most left-wing people have grown up in a Marxist culture, watch Marxist comedians, read left-leaning newspapers and have left-wing friends. Their assumption that they are obviously right and the BNP are obviously stupid is based on nothing more than what they choose to be told by a selective and self-censoring media.
The Maxist establishment is a house of cards kept up by nothing more than fear of recrimination and threats of state-approved violence and media witch-hunts. All it will take is patience and repeated well-aimed blows from a fearless and articulate patriot to bring it crashing down. The BNP are telling the truth. We have the facts and statistics to prove it. They are terrified by the idea of Nick Griffin on QT.

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I feel a great sense of shame towards my own countrymen for allowing this to happen. Quite simply we have lost our culture; we have forgotten what a culture is. We no longer feel a sense of solidarity when one of our own is attacked. We feel no connection to the buildings around us, and care not who built them. We do not recognise the names on gravestones as our own people. We feel no connection to the past, and no sense of community in the present. We have no comprehension of a future that includes people like ourselves-for we do not even know who 'we' are any more.
George Orwell said "he who controls the past controls the future." To this we may add, "he who destroys the past destroys the future." Our memories and experiences make us who we are. They define us, give us perspective, and shape our destiny; the road we have travelled points to the road ahead. Without memory and history to anchor us firmly in reality we are tossed about helplessly in stormy seas while those with more guile and cunning plunder and strip all that is left for the taking from this stricken ship we call our home.

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They used to say air travel put the whole world at your doorstep.
Now they say the same thing about the Labour Party.

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I find it sad that these interlopers are allowed to compete in European national teams. The whole point of international competitions like the Olympics was seeing different cultures and races competing against each other. Much of the interest and atmosphere is destroyed when every team consists of Jamaican sprinters and East-African distance runners.
Yet again, 'diversity' is explosed as a force which destroys difference and leaves us with bland sameness. Who will win the 10,000 metres, I wonder? A Danish-Ethiopian or a British one? Who cares? In what way do these people 'represent' me?
I would rather see a British athlete who was truly British come last than see some foreigner in a British vest come first. It is a hollow victory anyway, which demonstrates nothing but our own marginalisation and eventual disappearance from our native land.
If the BNP get in they can swap long-distance running for a long-distance flight.

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The ruling my mean that we cannot discriminate as to membership. But does that mean we are not allowed to still define nationhood in racial and ethnic terms?
Fine, Trevor Phillips can join, As long as he admits he isn't British. Hell, the whole population of Africa can join on that basis, if they want to.