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Maybe I shouldn't post in the middle of the night. What I ment was Glen deserves some credit, but it was us, we the people who made it happen.
Pat yourself on the back too.
I'm sure Glen knows how dangerous this is, In old Chicago politics this would get you a pair of Cement shoes. We must keep it up and watch each others back

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Thanking Glenn Beck is incorrect. He was just the first to shout out loud about this guy. What really did Van Jones in was U-Tube. If Glen wasn't around, somebody else would have eventually brought all this out in the open. Its because people are paying attention now, that all these politicians are starting to realize we're watching them, like never before we're watching.
Charlie Rangel, why did you lie on your tax returns? (more than once)

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Just read Glen's newsletter, and watchdog request. I had a vision of people wearing constitutional watchdog
T-shirts with a picture of a pitbull wearing lipstick. Thomas Jefferson’s quote about Govt tyranny on the back.
(Would look better than Acorns shirt). At first I was amused, but then hmm...
We are being warned, that if "some emergency" happens and the Govt must take immediate and drastic action, to stop the incendiary comments coming from right wing blogs and radio.
We will be scattered and easy to overcome. Time to get up now before it’s too late.
All these links and news stories are great, but where are the leaders here?
Small groups, that all agree with the values and principles. Start one, I will if I need to.
I read the Daily Kos frequently, maybe some here should also. This will show you what kind of organization we all are up against. Time is not on our side.

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Since this is a place to vent,
Happy Birthday America,
Hope you get well soon.

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Soon..... Very soon

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There are 36 Senators up for reelection and or retirement in 2010. All that is needed in the senate to pass Cap and Trade is 60 of 100. Although some are retiring, these are the areas to work on!! Start now let them know, you will contribute to, and campaign for, their opposition if they vote yes. Please, if you are in these districts.. Get INVOLVED NOW!! This is too important to lose.
My gut tells me we're screwed.

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Thank you all!!
I will look close into Marco Rubio, what a weight off my sholders to have someone like this fighting for Fl,
I had never heard of him before, But after watching his video, THIS IS A REPUBLICAN I COULD VOTE FOR.
after more research of course
once again, thank you all

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Our Gov Charlie Christ, wants to fill Sen Martinez's senate seat. He has just been on the local news saying he will sign a one dollar tax increase on cigarettes. While non-smokers may not care, he is using the tax code as punishment for behavior. Do you really want a new senator with this attitude toward taxes? Even if you think it's a good idea to punish smokers, what habits do you have that need to be "punished" by Govt? It doesn't stop at one group. It's Smokers today and you next.
I for one don't want a SIX YEAR term for a politician with this attitude, please e-mail him and let him know we need NEW THINKING in the Republicans we are willing to elect.
Taxes are necessary funding for Govt, using the tax codes for any other means, IS JUST WRONG.

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Centerleft , please don't troll here, you are welcome, as are all Americans, but please stay off the keyboard long enough to think.
Obama mocked a group of Americans that disagree with him, even though he was elected to represent all the people. Has this ever been done before by a sitting president?
Please take a minute to remember when your side was in the minority, Were you Mocked by Busch?
Even though Cindy Shehan was protesting outside Crawford< I don't seem to remember any mocking going on
Please take a moment to think for yourself, before reporting back that you "whipped up the wingnuts"

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we Lost
I think it is just beginning to sink in, how much losing is gonna cost. I'm not talking about money, our country and way of life. God help us.
I am no longer a republican or democrat.