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Work and trust in the lord? You are delusional. That doesn't bring anything to anyone. First of all, your so-called "lord" doesn't even exist. Perhaps if people stopped believing in fairy tales, things would be better.

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Font slightly enlarged... I've been putting off re-skinning the whole blog. I'll get it done soon, though.

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Yeah, I hadn't realized it at the time of this post. I didn't take not of where the mail was coming from.

For the record, I now read pinoy_atheists@yahoogroups.com and scan through the topics in the digest of atheistangpinoy@yahoogroups.com waiting for the day when mudslinging ends.

Thanks for the compliment :)

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It's good to have a place to gather but being new to the whole "atheist group" thing, this was a complete shock to me.

I'm not particularly active but I gain a lot of insight from reading what others say.

It's a good starting point and just needs the extra push and a burst of enthusiasm to become a physical entity.

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Very interesting, I learned something today :)

That does explain a lot, however, it does not provide an excuse.

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Heh, I expected some backlash from this post...

Agreed that it can happen to any group. I just find it strange that it comes out of a Philippine atheist group.

Through any day in a Filipinos life (I'm talking being raised in the Philippines), he/she is bombarded with religious doctrines. From most families, from most friends, from the media, government, almost every school, be it public or private. Religion is so ingrained into our lives that it's impossible to avoid it.

Because of this, it's safe to assume that every Filipino atheist (raised in the Philippines) has at some point in their life become a skeptic and started questioning faith.

How is it, then, that this same skepticism is rejected by other skeptics? Are we all expected to say religious folk are liars but atheists are always correct?

This seems to be the reason behind the violent reactions from the leaders I spoke of. Once confronted with skepticism, themselves, they lashed out at those questioning them.

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Thank you. I also learned that one of the developers of Atheist Spot is a Fil-Am. Which possibly helped with my getting squeezed onto the list.

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Just keeping it real :)

Being directly related to disabled persons, myself, I take it as a fact of life, not a gift of god.

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Hi Foo,

You are correct in your assumption and the article I had read had misinterpreted the said "abortion." It had not occured to me at all that had the baby been aborted, there would be absolutely no chance of survival. The doctors probably went for a c-section.

Congratulations to your friend.

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Intense debate is pretty cool, and it merged in so seemlessly.

Does it work on free hosted blogs?