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British politicians have lost their minds. They can ban Geert Wilders from entering the country but they let this muslim sheikh in. They have gone completely nuts in Brittain.
It's funny how muslims living in the west demand equal (and sometimes more) rights but at the same time their fellow muslims treat the non muslim minority population living in muslim dominated countries like complete crap (examples of that are abundant).
I don't live in England but i do hope someone stands up and throws a porks head into that east london mosque as a sign of protest. islam doesn't deserve the respect of the non-muslims

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Well i am a Hindu and i support Israel's right to exist 100%. I guess that makes me a Zionist :)

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Believe me you Americans are so fortunate to have something like a second amendment. You should all be very gratefull for that. What that monster Amin did (f.e. expelling the hard working Indian community) will never be possible in America because people are allowed to be armed and thus they have the means to defend themselfs, even against their own government in the case the government becomes despotic.
In my country gun ownership is severely restricted but if in the future i get the cance to buy a firearm on the black market i will certainly do it. It's better to be armed than to be unarmed.

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He is to busy taking orders from his muslim overlord (the Saudi king)

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bangladesh- yet another islamic shit hole country. It is infuriating to read what is happening to religious minorities over there. Meanwhile many muslim bangladeshi's are still illegally migrating into India and already causing a lot of trouble. It's time for India to kick the muslim bangladeshis out, close and seal off the border as much as possible and accept only the Hindu and other non-muslim refugees from Bangladesh.

I hope that what happend with ISKCON in bangladesh will make them reconsider their idiotic and suicidal faith in non-violence (ahimsa). In the Gita it is written that Shri Krishna did not urge the warrior prince Arjuna to run away and let the evil forces triumph instead Shri Krishna urged Arjuna to do his duty as a warrior and fight. So i trully do not know what passages of the Gita ISKCON (and Ghandi) read to justify their idiotic and suicidal belief in non-violence (ahimsa)

There is a latin phrase i really like: si vis pacem para bellum (if you wish for peace prepare for war). That is a good motto for non-muslims to follow regrading that demonic cult called islam and it's war mongering, genocide commiting and brain washed followers

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Well offcourse they are shifting base to bangladesh. Paki ISI has been caught in the act of supporting terrorist groups and their madrassa's trainingscamps far to much, so to avoid further embarrasment they decided to shift their operations to bangladesh. With the paki ISI supported terrorist bases in bangladesh the Paki government can continue it's game of denying responsibility when the future Paki ISI sponsered muslim terror attack happens.
Is the British intelligence community finally waking up to that fact??? Damn it took them a long time to do that. India has been warning about this for several years.

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Garsalloui went ahead alone, leaving the others to a harsh monthlong trek. Turkish smugglers frightened them by waving a pistol around, charged extra because they were "Arabs," and stole their gear and clothes, claiming it was for charity.

The suspects say they wanted desperately to fight American troops in Afghanistan. To their dismay, the chiefs made them cough up more cash for weapons. They charged them $1,200 each for AK-47 rifles, ammunition and grenades.

LOL, so if they are to be believed (and that's the big question because you can't really trust muslims) they got ripped off by their own muslim brothers. whahaha, that's absolutely hillarious.

I hope they get convicted and sent to jail for a long time

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jesus a muslim????
LOL, the things muslims come up with. Absolutely hillarious.

"No one batted an eye"

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The separation of religion and state is a concept that is contrary to islam itself. The 'prophet Muhammed himself was a 'religious' leader, warlord and political leader all wrapped in one. So the cances of a reformation within islam are very slim

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What the hell do those muslims think of themselfs trying to push their religious desires in the faces of non-muslims. If they don't like it that alcohol is being sold they can move to a islamic hellhole theocratic country where alcohol is forbidden. The restaurant got a legal liquor license from the state so there is nothing the muslims can do about it (fortunately)