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The types of businesses suing to to preserve their right to discriminate against gay couples keeps on growing.

"Court hears appeal: Do Phoenix wedding invitation designers have to serve gay couples?"

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I'm just posting this interesting article I came across.

State "Hostility" to Religion Without Religious Discrimination?: The Unexpected Free Exercise Issue Lurking in Masterpiece Cakeshop

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From Denver 7 News

"Mom says Masterpiece Cakeshop refused to put rainbows on daughter's birthday cake"

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Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination - The Heritage Foundation hosts a debate with John Corvino, Ryan Anderson, and Sherif Girgis.

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9th Circuit Court upholds dismissal of Hawai'i Marriage Equality Act challenge

"The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Thursday the dismissal of a challenge to Hawaii’s Marriage Equality Act.

In its opinion, the court found that Hawaii District Court Judge Susan Mollway “properly dismissed (plaintiff Kaui) Amsterdam’s action because Amsterdam’s moral and cultural objections to same-sex marriages are generalized grievances and are insufficient to confer Article III standing.”

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This is beyond sickening.

VIDEO: Pastor Praises Killing of ‘Pedophiles’ at Gay Club, Says ‘Orlando Is a Little Safer’ Now

"“The tragedy is more of them didn’t die…. I’m kind of upset he didn’t finish the job!”

Jimenez also said if it were up to him, gays and lesbians would be lined up against a wall so a firing squad could “blow their brains out.”

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Free Speech or No?

"Students' anti-gay badges spark anger at Shadow Hills"

A handful of students wearing anti-gay symbols on their school ID badges at Shadow Hills High School in Indio have sparked anger and worry among students and staff on campus, but administrators said they cannot ask the students to remove the symbols in the interest of protecting freedom of speech rights.


I would argue that the students' actions crosses the line from free speech to harassment, intimidation, and bullying given that their targeting a specific class of students based on their identity.

Placing one of those anti-gay symbols on the door of the Gay Straight Alliance coordinator's classroom is particularly damning evidence. A Jewish teacher said that it was little different from placing a Swastika on her window, though I think a better comparison would be if someone placed a symbol of the Star of David within the red circle with a line going across it.

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Stutzman attorneys filed brief in Arlene’s Flowers appeal

Article: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/article5...

Brief: http://www.adfmedia.org/files/ArlenesFlowersReply...

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3 Weeks in Jail for Man Who Disrupted Gay Marriage Arguments

No word yet on the amount of jail time that will be served by public officials who unconstitutionally denied to gay couples' their right to marry. :-/

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Ted Cruz and the Anti-Gay Pastor

"When presidential candidates court support among the audience of a pastor who openly discusses the extermination of millions of their fellow citizens, why is this not major news?"

Why, indeed!