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Man Seth yall are making some great headway finding and spotlighting these artists. This guy was certainly a new hit with me. Loved it!

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These are some great piece. I too like the idea of having songs spotlighted by genre.

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What Ive always loved the most about this fandom is the support newly growing musicians get. Time and time again I hear of people having improved their works so quickly because of the kindness and objective criticism they received from this fandom. For me, the novelty of listening to a musician that is testing the waters, and wanting to grow in their skills is a novelty that really makes me love this kind of music just as much if not more than professionally created songs.

I really believe it is important to maintain the open arms ideology that this fandom has granted to new artists in order to keep the pony/brony music scene booming.

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PonyFireStone has some darn good originals like "Come to Light" and remixes like his Above Cloudsdale Remix. But spotlighting covers I cant say I agree with. Maybe with the exception of a cover being IMMENSELY better than the original.

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As a 2011 brony I would love to see nightly spotlights like this of past gems.

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It defiantly went back farther than this. I entered the fandom in February 2011 but I certainly remember taking some time to ready earlier posts back then.

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Archive needs to go back farther... Everyone must see EQDs inception!

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Exactly! o_o/] $$$$ ---> >HASBRO

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Mane six are gonna kick some communist flank!

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AH I forgot to vote! =(