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Cause noms, probably. Kyo loves most things cause noms.

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Wow! What a rad dude! Seeing all these people criticizing something you put years of love and attention into, and you actually swing by to ELABORATE on what's wrong with it? That takes a seriously level mind, my friend-- color me impressed!

Now, as for your comments. Everything you said makes a lot of sense, and I expected as much from such a long story. Truth is, it's hard to write ANYTHING for that long without it becoming a muddled mess, just because conflicts are either dragged out for way too long or the starting point becomes completely lost in the distance. With that said, however, Fallout is actually one of the few settings where epic tales like that CAN work, as Kkat demonstrated. After all, you can play those games for hundreds of hours and still have stuff to do! That's part of what made FoE so great to me-- there were long term goals, yes, but also enough shorter "arcs" so to speak that the story always felt like it was going somewhere. But I digress.

Now, I'm not a very cynical person. I am predisposed to like everything, and something will have to push a LOT of buttons to get me as steamed up as the folks up above. In addition, anything you write for years is bound to take some wayward paths every now and again. I mean, have you SEEN some of the ridiculous stuff that's happened in the DC universe over the years? If not, I can sum it up with one word-- Batcow.

You've certainly piqued my interest, good man, and perhaps I've spent enough time out of the Wasteland... So I'll tell you what. What would you say to a bit of help? I could read through every chapter if you'd like, and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of each-- at least from my perspective. I know you probably have lots of comments that do the same, but as a writer myself I've found its always better to have someone who's a bit more personal than anonymous "THIS SUX!!1!" comments. Just a friendly suggestion, which you can ignore if you so desire ^_^

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You forgot the part where he makes a passing reference to some bizarre fetish and follows it up with some snappy alliteration or something. He sure is a charmer, that one ^_^

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Whoa! Harsh words there, friend. As someone who absolutely adored the original and hasn't read Project Horizons, what exactly makes it so bad?

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Not what he's referring to, friendo. I believe he means the fact that they used the wrong kind of "your/you're" in the sentence, which for the record also made me cringe.

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Hmmm... I wonder if Seth knows QUITE who that header image depicts.

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But it's so cooooool

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Hello :) I need to make one of those Roleplay account thingamajigs for my new wuv

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I am!

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Kyo! You of all people must see the glory here http://kaboderp-sketchy.deviantart.com/art/cancer...