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I heard the Cakes are breaking up!

But in all seriousness for those in the Seattle area, that "Giggle at the Ghosty" is pretty much a closed event - they don't say and act like everyone is welcome, but I went last year with another brony and we were basically outsiders because we didn't go to that college. No one attempted to talk to us and when we tried to talk to them we were given looks like "who are you?" The games and costume contest were rigged - this girl with a pretty AWESOME Pinkie costume who acted like Pinkie and could do the voice should have won the costume contest, but a dressed down "winter Rarity" won because lo and behold she was a student and there was a Rarity cosplayer on the panel. They also seemed to have it out for "Pinkie" (don't know who she was but from they way they treated her, she was obviously not a student there) during the trivia not calling on her when she clearly had her sign in the air first. When she tried to talk to them about it they got all defensive and said she was putting her sign up before it was time (horse manure - I was watching and she had that sign at the same level as everyone else).
Anyway, it was a clique-y experience and I'd encourage anyone who is not in their "UW" group to make other Nightmare Night plans.

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#1 - *gasp* Luna has taken off her clothes - she's naked!

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When the buck did the CMC get boobs?! They don't even have cutie marks yet!

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Scootaloo's first experimentation with LSD is a success.

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Oh, of course, because you have to be completely anorexic to be beautiful...someone get those girls some cheeseburgers and cupcakes, NOW!
I mean, I'll definitely give it a chance, but I don't have high hopes.

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I agree especially since considering what I've heard about 50 Shades it's not that well-written or original. I'm sure the pony book was much better with a gripping storyline and in-depth characters.

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I read it - it was cute - a quick little read (I read during my 45 min lunch hour - thank God for Kindles - "What are you reading?" "Uh...50 Shades of Grey. Whew!") - I really didn't pay attention to the artwork. I'm looking forward to the Pinkie Pie one.

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*throws money at Build-a-Bear* Just take my bits!

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I know everyone says I have to wait for season 4 to happen, but...*gasp*...I WANT IT NOW!!