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Oh great a season 6 giveaway

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I went to a pony panel back in May and the panel runner said his friend saw a pony brushie in a store that looked like one of the CMC with a cutie mark. The employee of the store took it away from her saying it was not supposed to be out there yet. I got no other details.

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I've been a brony since early 2012. I don't watch ponies every single day and I NEVER watch an episode more than once. I only watch it when a new episode comes out. If I watch it everyday, I get sick of it and lose interest in the show. That's what happens with most TV shows I watch. The fandom is stuck with me FOREVER!!!!

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There was a Aurora pony claw machine at my local amusement park. I won a siting Rainbow Dash :)

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As do I

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I'll be at Disneyland for that whole entire weekend so I don't even get to see it :(

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Uhh they're cute I guess. I probably get one for collection purposes but.... They look like a G3 pony and a G4 had a baby

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I bought him yesterday. Discord is HUGE!!!!!!!