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Not a bad idea. If I ever get around to it, it would definitely be fun to put together in the off-season!

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Well, I can't believe it's over! This season's been great, but man did it go by fast! And so we are finally at the two-part finale, and Starlight is back for revenge. As with every two-parter, this episode is filled to the brim with fantastic score, and even a song to cap it off. Not including the song, there's a whopping 21 track of score from William Anderson! It was a lot to work through (totaled probably 9 hours of work at least), but well worth it.

Starting with the song, "Friends Are Always There for You": it's grown on me quite a bit the more I listen to it. The beginning verses are pretty standard fair for the show, complete with the usual mandolin, woodwinds, and strings. But by the bridge and chorus the song begins to really pick up and stand out on its own more. I really like the percussion part during the chorus, and I'm always a big fan or bringing in the brass to help build up the song in the end. The chorus and the ending of the song have been stuck in my head since Saturday. And having all the instrumentation stop in favor of just some piano arpeggios to end the song was great.

Of course in most of the episode the score shines through. The coolest thing with this episode is not only do we get to see a few villains from the earlier seasons make a comeback, they also bring their motifs with them. As we get to the first timeline, we clearly hear Sombra's warlike theme throughout that entire scene, which we haven't heard since the season 3 premiere. In addition, the battle music used during the fight scenes is also from that episode. During Chrysalis' transformation, the score used for that scene from the season 2 finale is reprised for the first time, as well as the score from the scene directly following it. Nightmare Moon has BGM from the flashback in the season 4 premiere, as well as instrumentation similar to that used for her in season 1.

This episode is filled to the brim with other themes making reappearances as well. To the now classic "Magic of Friendship" motif being used during Twilight's slideshow and in the final track, "The Friendship Connection." Starlight Glimmer's themes are also reprised, including the woodwind-driven motif that was used to represent her and the town throughout the season 5 premiere, and the more sinister choir-driven number that was used during the scene where the mane 6 lost their cutie marks. Along with a redo of filly Rainbow Dash's race scene, the awesome season 1 score for that scene also makes a return. And finally, the Timberwolves BGM from season 3's "Spike at Your Service" is reprised for them as well.

In addition to all of the villain tracks, other must-listen tracks would be "The Stream of Time", "Starlight and Sunburst", "Starlights Redemption" and "The Friendship Connection".

And with that, that's it for the season! It's been fun, and huge kudos to William Anderson, Daniel Ingram, and the rest of the crew for another fantastic 26 episodes! I'll be releasing a full download with all of the music from season 5 probably sometime next week if anyone needs to catchup. Other than that, see y'all for season 6 and the next Equestria Girls!

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Wow, Amy Keating Rogers is certainly going out with a bang! Another episode packed with 4 songs and score.

This episode brings us an anthem and reprise, an hilariously fun over-the-top highly-produced pop song, and a beautiful piano ballad. And of course, Broadway singer Lena Hall gracing us with her amazing vocals for all.

"The Spectical" is just fun. I'm sure many hate it because it's over-produced pop, but I love it for that. It accomplished exactly what it set out to do, which is encompass everything about said pop music, both good and bad. Once again Daniel Ingram shows that he can conquer any genre of music. This song is just so fun to listen too with all its ridiculous embellishments, vocal edits, electronic instrumentation, and unicorn Prince-provided auto tune. And Ingram hits it right on the head, so much so that it could easily be mistaken for a Lady Gaga song, especially the amazing bridge. And you've gotta give major props for the animation and effects of this sequence, which emulate a concert broadcast performance perfectly. Complete with a large amount of lights, lasers, and stage fog.

But of course there's also "The Magic Inside", a song many of us, including yours truly, have been waiting to hear in its finished and non-echoey-camrip form for nearly half a year now. This is one of the best, if not the best song of the series, in my opinion. The lovely and simple piano and string instrumentation mixed with Lena Hall's breathtaking vocals lead to a song that you really wouldn't hear anywhere else on television, or even in most movies now-a-days. This is a prime example of why I love this show and its music, and I'm so exited to finally have a clean version as well as an instrumental! (Yeah, there's some vocal reverb in the instrumental. The song takes place on a outdoor concert hall stage, so the vocals "naturally" reverberate into all channels so they surround you if you're watching the episode in 5.1.). It certainly better win that Emmy come next year...

While the songs obviously took center stage here, there's still 7 tracks of score as well. The best tracks are definitely "Camp Friendship" from the flashback, with a wonderful banjo-driven tune. And of course there is Countess Coloratura's entrance theme in the track that bears her name. Even William Anderson got in on the Gaga here!

Just a fantastic way to conclude our regular episodes this season. Next week's gonna be another one packed with music, and probably a TON of awesome score that's gonna be making me go crazy trying to rip next Monday! It's the season 5 finale already, and while that makes me sad, I still can't wait to see what it brings us! (And yay break for me after that!)

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Some really enjoyable score in this week's episode, with some really unique instrumentation!

One of the neatest things from this week's BGM is how both the Hooffields and McColts were given their own motifs and musical styles. You can hear them both individually in the tracks "The Hooffields" and "The McColts". The Hooffields' score uses more banjo and guitars, while the McColts' use more pots and pans for a more mechanical sound. Both of these styles match the families really well, and help subtlety differentiate them further.

It's really awesome hear these two motifs switch back and forth between each other during the fighting scenes as the action switches between the two families. And then how the two styles of instrumentation come together in the later montage and final episode track, signifying the families working together as well.

The highlight track and theme is definitely the one that is featured in the montage track, "Family Histories". It's a really enjoyable track, with some fantastic banjo and guitars. As aforementioned, it begins with the combined instrumentation of both families, but then begins to slowly separate into each families' individual instrumentation like earlier in the episode as the two friends begin to bicker.

And of course we have yet another ending credits track this season ("The Hooffields and McColts"), utilizing the theme from "Family Histories". I, of course, love these as it allow me to get a clean rip of that particular score! We've gotten a lot more of these in the second half of the season; maybe William Anderson saw that Discovery Family wasn't cutting off the credits with promos. :P

Overall some surprisingly really enjoyable score this week! Take a listen 'cause you might have missed some of the best parts. Can't believe there is just two more weeks left of this before the break begins. And the next two weeks are sure to be HUGE for music, so I'm pretty excited!

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Remember when an episode list was put on IMDB for season 5, and all of those turned out to be 100% false? Yeah.

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A little lighter on the score this week as the comedy takes center stage, but here's a few notes.

We get a good helping of Discord's themes throughout the episode, just like all of his appearances. There's two distinct Discord motifs, and the final track "A Valuable Lesson" utilizes them really well. Will uses the mischievous Discord motif which first appeared in "Keep Calm and Flutter On" for him throughout most of the episode, and including this track. However, when Discord talks about the "old Discord," his chaos motif from "The Return of Harmony" has a brief drop. It's a nice musical contrast between the two sides of Discord.

A few other motifs are reprised in the episode. In "But I Wasn't There!", after Twilight finally accepts and admits to how she has been feeling, the beautiful score from the track "The Chandelier of Memories" from "Castle Sweet Castle" is used.

In "The Science of Friendship" a motif which (I believe) hasn't been heard since its first appearance in season 3's Magic Duel makes a reappearance. The theme was used in "A Real Magical Amulet" and "Second Duel" in that episode.

Looking forward to the return of the map motifs this weekend. And the finale is closing in fast!

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Some awesome score for this special Hearth's Warming episode-- quite a bit in fact! 15 tracks is the most I've managed to extract from any single episode so far. A lot of sleigh bells and strings throughout the score here, and we get yet another episode with different credits music!

A few highlights, since there's so much to dig through here:

"The Rock Farm" - The grand piece of score that greets us as we first see the Rock Farm in the episode. You'll recognize this theme as the first part of the score that is played over the credits in the episode. Pinkie's parents' motif also makes its first appearance, with their musical-style consisting fittingly of a church organ.

"Let Me Get All This Straight" - A few tracks features this really fun banjo motif for Applejack that appears at the beginning here. I really like it!

"Worst Hearth's Warming Ever!" - Score that accompanies the Apples talking about what happened, and AJ and Pinkie crying in the cave. As Granny Smith talks, we get a really wonderful piece of score, which sort-of reminds me of the backing music from Granny Smith's flashback in season 2. The track ends with an emotional piece which we last heard in the track "Rainbow's Way" from the season 4 episode "Testing... Testing... 1, 2, 3".

"Houlder's Boulder / Traditions" - Probably my favorite track of them all. The episode's motif from earlier is reprised in its full form at the beginning here; this is the same motif that is featured in the credits. So yay for getting a clean version of this one!

"Apple Pies" - After some introductory banjo for Applejack, this track features a long and fantastic holiday theme for the episode, complete with a string ensemble, some synth choir and plenty of bells! If you want something to play when December actually rolls around, here ya go!

"Hearthbreakers Carol" - The episode's main motif is reprised one more time with a clean version for the credits! This is what, our 4th episode with a custom piece of credits score this season? That's an academy record! I really, really like this piece here, and I'm really happy it was featured at the end so I could get a clean version.

Once again superb work by William Anderson and Kelly Davidson. I think what I liked about this episode's score the most was its uniqueness. We've only really heard holiday-type music like this one other time, in the previous Hearthswarming Eve episode.

Oh yeah, and Maud's song is best song. 10/10.

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The score definitely took a back seat to the comedy in this episode, but still a few great tracks to listen to.

"Shining's Room" is a pretty cool one from when Twilight is showing her friends the preparations she made to make Shining feel at home is her castle. It really has a Legend of Zelda shop/interior vibe to it.

We hear a couple of themes reprised, such as one of the motifs from "The Chandelier of Memories" from season 5's "Castle Sweet Castle", which appears here in the scene with the chandelier. We also hear the party theme from the end of "The Cutie Map" again in "Balloon Baby". Another awesome melody from the track "Blast From the Past" from the episode "Ammending Fences" is used at the end of this episode in "You Did it Pinkie Pie!"

The highlight track is definitely the polka from the montage scene in the track "Avoiding Ponies Polka". I love how polka continues to be used for Pinkie, much like you'd hear harpsichord for Rarity, or banjo for Applejack.

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Wow, y'all need to seriously chill. It seems like most people here are part of the crowd that like to see Titans fall.

Last quarter they reported the pony line as doing really well and growing, with the only issues attributed to foreign currency exchanges from overseas sales. This quarter, the girls category dropped a lot, with most of that attributed to big decline in Furby, which I'm not even sure they are currently selling outside of the Star Wars one.

Pony had a slight decline, yes. This is of course before the Friendship Games movie came out, which should boost toy sales there. And was also during the period both coming out of a year-long hiatus and going into the mid-season hiatus.

Hasbro recognizes this obviously. They know how toy sales and their storytelling bits tie in. They also understand how many parents today get their kids entertainment via online sources like iTunes, YouTube, and Netflix vs watching on DFC. They obviously have a lot of confidence going forward in what they have lined up for pony.

We don't know how long the show will last or what will happen after the movie. Lionsgate seemed confident that the first movie wouldn't be the last.

Point is, everyone freaking out, calling the show in a "steep decline", or that the franchise has "crashed" needs to stop. It's getting pretty rediculius how much everyone is going crazy over any tidbit of bad news that comes their way. Keep in mind this is also results for 2nd quarter, in which people are holding back for buying toys during the 3rd and 4th quarter for the holiday season when there are more sales, and new toys released.