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I'd like to see an episode on Inkie and Blinkie Pie.

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From a friend of mine who first showed me a video of Fluttershy singing a rap song with perfect lip sync (many of you may know the one I mean), and I had the usual first response many of us had. Then a few months later it too full force.

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The only local one to me Midwestria already pulled the plug on theirs this year. *cries* I wanted to go back to see everypony there so bad.

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Octavia looks fiiiiine in that picture.

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A Fluttershy/Discord focused episode, This is gonna be the BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!! My favorite pony and favorite villain the focus of one episode. SO AWESOME!!!

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Those votes for phoenix.............IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Zipped past all the comments to dodge spoilers but wanted to say this quick. Why is that filly spitfire so darn adorable?

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Not only editing skills, but the amount of effort you put into the video to make it look good. I've had 2 PMV's on EQD and aiming for a 3rd. The effects i'm using are gonna take some time to get things just right. But even clipping scenes together to a song is easily achievable if one wants to start. Gotta get your hoof into the production process somehow right?

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Well Ditsy Doo was her original name when created, so I see no problem whatsoever with using Ditsy Doo if they can't use Derpy for whatever reason.

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All the drawings rock, and scrolling down I was thinking "Where is the end of these?" They just seemed to go on and on. Again, the amount of art that this fandom makes never ceases to amaze.