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I need to see this soon Can't wait

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I'm still looking forward to seeing this film, I hope I get to before it hits rental shelves. The concept is brilliant glad to hear it doesn't disappoint.

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Man I can't wait to see this now. Two very different opinions, I can't wait to see where i will fall.

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If they recast Venom, and go with the darker tone, it could be worth it. However, I don't think the studio will follow through with depicting a character as dark as Venom should be depicted. The end of the film will most likely have Venom go through a change of heart and become a good guy, as a lot of films that focus on villians do. No thanks

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I came to the show only recently , but love it. It's arguably the best comedic series ever put on the air. The Wire, of comedic shows, if you will.

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Awesome interview Prodigal. Very insightful, I had no idea ZL was originally intended as a TV series

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I recently caught up to speed on "Breaking Bad", and I have to say you're right Prodigal, its the best thing on TV. Finally, something worth watching since "The Wire" ended.

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Rake I have to agree on the comedic aspect. I thought it was hit and miss, but when the comedy did hit, it was funny.

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Thanks for coming along Chase. I really enjoy reading your posts. You are one talented dude.

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Nice Job guys. I missed the screening you had a while ago, and I was wondering if there were any plans to screen it again in St. Louis? The alpacas line- hilarious!