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Oh, Celestia, no... I live in Poland, and I have to say that Polish version of MLP SUCKS! Honestly, everything about it sucks; the translation, the voice actors who mostly don't give a crap and all sound like little girls despite that mane6 is in their early 20ies... the songs... destroying jokes (for example: the joke Daring makes about marrying Auzhult, or however his name is spelled, is devoid of logic in Polish translation)...

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Aa, a a... a, no. a.

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If I want to see humans, I will look out the window! Or turn on the TV! Or look into mirror!


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Still can't see his pants...

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Will this fanfic of mine help? http://www.fimfiction.net/story/55373/rebirth-of-... ;p

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In now fantasy book or game I ever read or played did they have races capitalized, so no. The name of species aren't capitalized to begin with, so I have no idea why are we even discussing it.

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Call me an optimist, but seeing for how long the Pokemon franchise (and, unfortunately, its anime) is holding up to this day, I like to think that MLP:FiM will also last for a long time. Probably until the next war happens and somebody will press a red button...

Is it weird that I am so optimistic regarding a show for a little girls about colorful talking ponies, and so pesimistic regarding the direction our world is heading?

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I am SO glad I didn't become a brony until the end of season 2 (even though I started watching the show since episode.... seventeen of the first season, I think). I mean, serioulsy, the whole "fandom crying over Cadance" thing seems really stupid to me. No offense guys. Yes, I know that she exists purely because Hasbro wanted to sell more toys, but I actually like her. I mean, the whole idea of somebody getting merried on the show seemed interesting to me when I first watched it, and since I had caught up with the episodes a few days after it was released, I managed to avoid the spoilers in commercials, so it was an awesome episode for me!

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Thank you so much! That was a great season... as always! I can't wait for the next one! And the next one, and the next one, and the next one... And I hope for a lot more!

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Of course they will. You think they will bother making a new opening after just one season?!