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The more stories I read about water births the more I am considering it. Reading Ashby's story was one of the first that gave me reason to think it might be something that I could imagine doing myself.

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I still need to read the materials you gave me. This post seems like a good prompt for me remind me to get to that. Thanks again for the loan!

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I have said I was not that kind of girl who was always planning her wedding in the back of her head, even when she did not have a potential partner in her life (like some of my friends), but there is one exception. My grandparents used to live in a house that had a deck like this surrounded by trees in their back yard and I fancied I would have a small family-only wedding very much like this.

Which is nothing like I had in the end, mainly because my grandparents had moved by then, but also because I always felt that my wedding should be a celebration of both me and my partner and what we did reflected what interests we shared. It turned out a lot more involved than I had ever imagined, but it suited us and we loved how it turned out.

However, I look at these photos and smile because it is so much like the only wedding fantasy I had pre-planning.

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The colors leave me with too many options. I already like the one shown, and could see doing the teal with aqua lining, or like Niki, chocolate with lime lining.

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Good eye Ariel! I love the asymmetry of a front pocket, but still being able to put it on like a jacket.

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I don't know, Ariel, it seems llike you have an artistic hand at applying color to your lids.

Twittered: http://twitter.com/Ragani/status/9694003364

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"yeah, but which one of you is their "real" mom?"
Pahleese! As if "mom" is defined by gestation alone.

Thanks for this great insightful post. I am off to share it with all my friends, queer family minded or otherwise.

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Yay Mysi Anne! Still loving the vintage style throughout.

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Oh, and to target my facebook friends:

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