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You're right in the equality of effort, for the most part.
Even if you are just using loops or samples or whatever "pre-baked" segments, you still actually have to arrange it all into something that won't be murder on the ears.

Still, the reason why people hate on electronic is because of it being rather oversaturated and comparatively easy to produce than other kinds of music, though the latter lends itself to being more subjective than objective.
I was talking with TAPS at the end of Bronycon where we were sharing our music, and I told him that I wished that people cared as much about orchestral/hybrid cinematic/soundtrack stuff as much as EDM and dubstep, but he responded with "What I make will get people to dance, but what you make will get you hired."
I've been producing music for 4 years now, and I know where "my place" in the fandom is; it kinda sucks knowing that people naturally won't care as much as they would if I made more electronic music, but that's just what I do, and there's an entire crowd that's looking for just the kind of thing that I (or Orchestral Design, Makkon, SevenUp, Captain Fluffatun, John Doe, etc) make.

There's quite a bit to say about the matter (as a lot of people previously have shown), but in the end, people will think they way they want to and act accordingly.
If you feel it's important for other artists to be seen or recognized, help spread their stuff around -- that's how the people who are "up there" right now got to that point.

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If I hadn't had to pick up another job and, by consequence, more shifts, I'd have plenty of time to set aside for music.
It's one of my favorite things to work with and it's nice knowing that there are people who support what I make, but having the drive to work on something truly interesting and unique is one thing and having the drive at the right time is another.
A lot of the musicians I've talked with are in similar situations, either that or they've just stopped caring about the fandom.
It kind of hurts, but I've heard some promising work from the occasional "new" artist, so I've got plenty of hope.

I can't say there's a way to "repair" the scene or anything, but the idea of interviewing sounds pretty interesting, so I'm all for it.
It's always fun to hear what musicians have to say at cons, and I'd think it'd be more intriguing to have that elaborated upon here.

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If you really do want to see more orchestral, it'd be of great help if you voted for it and maybe even shared it with others to see if it's something they'd vote for.
Personally, I'm not shooting to really be on this list because I don't make things that everyone wants to hear and that's fine, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't know that orchestral/soundtrack music actually exists in the fandom.
I'm supportive of all genres and happy that there's actually some really cool stuff in this fandom, but if you really feel these orchestral people deserve more views, it's important to do your part and share their stuff with other people.

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Guess I should've used a more obvious Discord picture

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It's nice to hear you enjoy it; I'm hoping to start uploading a lot more often, but things are getting a bit more rough in life.
Still, I'm working hard to ensure that what I do upload is as good as I can make it!

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I'm glad you think so!

I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys at Bronycon.

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Here's hoping I can keep it up; I've got a lot planned for this year!

Also thanks to the rest of you commenting; it really does mean a lot to me.

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I won't be doing "hybrid" orchestral forever; I'm gonna see about doing some more purely orchestral tracks.
I kinda miss it, actually, but a lot of the tools I want to use are out of my range budget-wise, so I'm rolling with what I've got enough for.

In fact, I'll see about doing that for my next song.
I need to put out more music anyway!

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Always love makin' it.
Here's hoping this year will be a good one!

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It was meant to be a boss battle-esque track (or something for a battle scene), which is why it did develop but did so rather slowly.
As far as removing the fluff, I suppose I could (and I actually did during the part before the second-to-last-crescendo), but if you think the theme is already boring, it'd make it a lot worse; I experimented with a few ways in which the song could go, and really, I wasn't able to salvage much better than what I did near the end where the distorted cello plays a melody over the chords.

I do take this as constructive criticism and I completely get what you mean because, as a standalone song, it's pretty boring, but most of my stuff is created with the coupling of an animation and the music in mind rather than the song being there alone (which sounds stupid, but a lot of people really like video game tracks and scores that do much of the same).
It was a real pain to try to get this to not be so repetitive, but I couldn't think of something else to "safely" transition to without totally disrupting the mood and point of the song.
If you're familiar with Silent Hill tracks, a lot of them are even more repetitive than this (Betrayal, Laura's theme [reprise]), and my goal was to take aspects of that style and blend them with my own.

I won't excuse the fact that my theme is repetitive and boring if you're searching for something with true progression, but I will say that your complaints pretty much add up to a mismatch of preferences to content; in terms of a standalone song, it's not that great, especially compared to some of the fandom's finer works, but that's just not what this was meant to be.
I don't want this to sound like I'm covering any shortcomings I make with excuses because criticism helped me get to where I am now, but I find that often times the criticism I get is just from someone searching for a song that I didn't intend to make.