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I don't really know how to process this day at all, but know that I am here and I am crying a little bit and grateful that all my colleagues are in meetings so I'm by myself. The Toast has been such a special corner of the internet. Thank you.

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In which I display my absolute Broadway nerd-dom: that was a temporary replacement while Judy Kuhn had hip surgery. She's been back in the show since the end of May.

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Fun Home is AMAZING. You will cry. You will cry so much, and it will be wonderful. I'm so glad that some many of the original cast members have stuck around for the full run of the show - Beth Malone and Michael Cerveris and Judy Kuhn are all such incredible performers, and they do such incredible work in this show. I'm hoping to see it again before closing (not so difficult, I live in NYC and work blocks from Times Square).

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You could say that Orlando is the deadliest mass shooting by an individual perpetrator - that would be accurate AND emphasizes the reasons that we need to ban assault weapons.

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There is no such thing as a wrong feeling right now. NO SUCH THING. Your feelings are legitimate.

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It's going to be fine! It's going to be fine!

No seriously. I've seen Lin in the role. I've also seen Javier Muñoz, who will be the replacement. And Javi is MIRACULOUS as well. Javi's a better singer than Lin, maybe a touch weaker as a rapper, and absolutely a better actor. Javi will blow us all away.

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In awesome news, truly awesome news, regarding the issue of sexual violence on college campuses: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/01/sports/sec-tran...

"This week, the Southeastern Conference is expected to approve rules that would prohibit players with a history of sexual assault, stalking or interpersonal violence from transfering to any of its 14 member universities ... One big difference this spring from last year is that there is unanimous agreement on the changes from the conference’s 14 head football coaches."

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Oh man I didn't have anyone on that level at NYAAF this week but I do have 16 or 17 week patient who keeps flaking on her appointments after we pull together funding for her. If she no-shows today, which I think is what's happening, then I'll be the third case manager who has pledged for her without actually having her go to her appointment!

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This week I added Strong Opinions Loosely Held to my list - it's a short feminist culture-y podcast from Refinery 29. They've only released three episodes so far, all under 20 minutes, and I'm into it. Topics so far: women's voices, Instagram perfectionism, and the Kardashian Industrial Komplex.

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Toasties, I am almost done with my first week volunteering as an intake case manager for the New York Abortion Access Fund! And it has been EXHAUSTING. I have spent more time on the phone since Sunday than I normally do in like, a month. And I am SO ANGRY at the system in so many ways.

Also, I was hoping to spend the afternoon after my half day at work ends at 2pm with my work friends on one friend's roof, day drinking, but if we don't work out what's going on with one of my clients I'm not sure that I can do that. Boooooo.