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No, Spencer does not want war - it is what is in the message of islam. If we do not accept the demand of islam's demand that we come to islam then they are to wage jihad against us - in all that the word means and that is all strategies of war. They wage it right now with their deception, propaganda, acting like victims, demands, threats and a growing violence against our citizens. They are infiltrating our institutions and gaining useful idiots. That is war. And when it becomes violent - you let your children deal with it because you do nothing while we can do something in the beginning stages. That is what is hoped for in islam - that we remain confused, lazy, useful idiots (or what I call chosing ignorance).

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I would also like to comment on the Jews. I wish it weren't so, but so many of them are islam's useful idiots until the violence gets too rough for them and then they run away. They are good at whining about the holocaust but we only see a smaller percentage of them that have indeed learned from it. Pamela Geller is one of those who has learned from it and stands strong with moral principles. thank you, Pamela.

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moslems are not outraged that their own texts tell us what sort of perverted prophet they follow but they are outraged that we dare to repeat it and are disgusted by it... and mock islam because of it. We are supposed to know our place and follow sharia - according to sharia laws. We are supposed to be subject to islam and its followers and even looking at them crosseyed will get us killed - according to sharia.

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I am glad that people are waking up to what islam is all about. Ironically, we still have academia, politicians, the media and shamefully - too many of our own religious leaders - thinking that islam is peaceful and help moslems wage jihads against us.

Read their sharia - slavery is ok, warring against the non-moslems just because they are unbelievers is not only ok it is encouraged due to allah 'rewarding' them with its 'sex orgy in the sky' and gluttony if they kill or subjugate us. And jihad can be waged violently and with terror, but also via the pen/word (all their forms of deception), and with their zakat - yes, part of zakat is REQUIRED to fund their violent jihadists. The moslems acting like a victim, being eternally outraged, etc are just some more tactics to wage jihad. All meant to confuse and deceive us about what islam is.__The non-moslem is called a pig, an ape, and even dirt in their koran. It seems they think their allah created us just for the sociopathic pleasure to abuse in any way they can think or to kill. __Read sharia - and you will know what islam is all about because reading their koran is like reading a book written by a mentally disturbed sociopath.

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I don't know what your problem with my statement is. What you wrote is pretty much what I said, only differently. I reached the conclusion that he was talking about mohammed because that is what mohammed told his followers to do - kill unbelievers for allah. allah is their 'god'. Jihad is the name of the act - to war against the non-moslems. (97% of the time jihad is mentioned it is to do violence against unbelievers) The most holy thing, the thing that gets a moslem on the fast track to allah's orgy in the sky AND also gives the person the right to name 70 others to go on that fast path too is to die while killing, or at least trying to, kill unbelievers for allah.

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that is not true, there are indeed jihadists before we 'attack' or criticize islam. da'wa (or what I call taqiyya dribble) is waging jihad via the pen/word. jihadists also are to wage it via their wealth (or zakat - all the schools of sharia are very similar about the distribution of zakat and part of it is to go to their violent jihadists or those fighting for allah's cause). And there are other ways to wage jihad - acting the victim, lawfare, rape/terror, love jihad or lying to women to marry them and then do what they will afterwards (leave them, take the children, or stay with them), etc.

Not accepting the call to their da'wa is considered a good enough reason to wage their violent jihad.

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And part of zakat is to be given to their violent jihadists - that has been left out.

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Acting the victim is just one strategy of a stealth jihad. There are other strategies such as the taqiyya we all know so well, but also the giving of their wealth (part of zakat is required to fund the violence - and I wonder if they go into that on the show?!?!), etc.

moslems wailing and whining that they are the victims instead of caring about the real carnage - they only focus on themselves. Look at the definition of sociopaths and start putting together the ideology of islam that teaches sociopathy. I have done that a long time ago... lack of empathy, liars, manipulative and conning, contemptuous of those who want to understand them, etc - there is a long list and it overlaps with narcissists, psychopaths and paranoids. All things that their perverted thuggish prophet exhibited and all things they try to emulate in that same person they call their 'perfect example'.

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the video is gone.

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Is this guy paid off? Since the UN is full of moeslum and other thugs - I would say this guy is falling for the taqiyya dribble and/or being paid off by moeslems (bribery). I guess he hasn't noticed that all the worlds strifes involve a majority of moslems and the crimes go up in our countries where moslems start their enclaves and pooling into clumps so they can become more powerful and act like thugs.

He needs to crack open a book on sharia and see how he would fare under it (not so well).