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On the most anticipated movie front, I have to say that I saw a trailer for that Edgar Allen Poe movie and it looks absolutely terrible! John Cusack is laughably miscast to boot.

And is it just me or does anyone else think that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer will probably be more historically accurate than Speilberg's flick?

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I went to see MI4 this weekend and can't complain about spending the money. As diversions go, it was fun and harmless and seemed to be free of sucker punches. The problem is that I started thinking about it later that night and realized that it didn't really make much sense. (The least of the logical problems - one moment Cruise is single-handedly subduing an entire prison-full of hardened oversized Russian criminals, another moment he's barely holding his own against an aging over-weight Swedish guy.) And then it kind of saddened me to realize that I'd probably never really want to see it again, and that seems kind of symptomatic of all that's wrong with movies today. I can watch my favorite older actioners over and over again, but nowadays the best they can do is divert you for an hour or two with something that never merits a second look.

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I was ready to write this movie off as the most misguided, disasterous idea in the history of humanity, but I do have to admit that I too laughed at that trailer.

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How can I live without a look at the new Three Stooges movie!!! I think your link is bad.

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Honestly, I don't think any of them other than the first was very good. The second was unpleasant when the characters weren't being annoying, and the third was an unoriginal rehash of the first. The third one even seemed cheap when I first saw it. The teaser is supposed to be taking place aboard ship and it's as obvious as can be that everyone is standing around in a parking garage getting water thrown at them while Spielberg shakes the camera around.

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Let me put in a good word for Apple's little iTV box. One of our friends got it for my wife and me last year and we love it. It's a wee little thing about the size of a pack of cigs and it has a built in wireless receiver, so all you need to do is plug it in to your TV and link via your wireless router. It lets you access Netflix streaming and YouTube videos and has some sports and music stuff you can link to as well. You can also buy movies from iTunes, but my wife and I never do. It's pretty cheap too (< $100), so you're not out very much if it becomes obsolete in the future. If you're thinking about getting it, I'd say give it a try.

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To link two sub-threads together here, I just found out the other day that the first three seasons of "Breaking Bad" are now available streaming from Netflix. As recently as a couple of months ago, you still had to get the DVDs by mail if you wanted to watch it.

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<quote>The chinese remake, "A Woman, A Gun & A Noodle Shop" was very good as well. </quote>

This is an absolute must-see for anyone who enjoyed Blood Simple. It is truly amazing how faithfully they could transfer the plot to such a different time and place.

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Color me very, very skeptical that Blofeld will be coming back. The legal rights to that character and the SPECTRE organization are (or were at one time) co-owned by one of Fleming's co-authors of the movie and novel Thunderball. That's why the guy was able to make his own rogue Bond film Never Say Never Again. Whether he or his estate still owns rights I don't know, but I suspect that EON isn't interested in re-litigating this case just to bring Blofeld back. Some of the convoluted history of "Thunderball" is given here:

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Kate Winslet as Elizabeth Taylor!! Did she pack on 80 to 90 pounds or borrow Martin Lawrence's get-up from Big Momma's House??