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This is Portland so he probably has a good chance of winning. Hell the city elected a pedophile as mayor why not a domestic terrorist!

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The news said this happened outside The Thirsty did, but just so everyone know The Thirsty Lion was closed when the shooting occurred but the news didn't mention that fact. The problem probably came from the Ash Street Saloon which was having a concert last night. I just don't want anyone to think that The Thirsty Lion is not a safe place to go.

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My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those who were lost in this tragic accident. I also want to thank the volunteers and emergency personnel who put themselves in harms way hoping to save another.

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This could have easily been turned into a learning opportunity...for the 4 year old, that it is not ok to take things that don't belong to you...and for the security guard, what is the quickest way to find yourself in the unemployment line!

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I didn't vote for this fine outstanding public servant! The way I look at it is I have to stick by my budget to survive, why shouldn't she? If she can ask for extra money why can'y I? When I get my next property tax bill maybe I should use that opportunity to ask for some extra consideration. It's pretty simple....don't spend money you don't have! Sure budget cuts suck, but you know they will be from essential services, not from areas where theer is more than enough fat!

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Your right I would have like to see him stand up to Sam Adams! But you need to ask yourself, would you be willing to stand up to your boss knowing that it could be the end of your career? All it would take is for Sam Adams to say "Chief Reese your services are no longer needed" and he would be out of a job! That would be a pretty gutsy move when you are just a few years from retirement! I don't know that I could make that step! Personally I don't blame Chief Reese, I blame all of you who voted the pedophile into office! Reese made the right decision in how he handled the Occupy Portland camp, he could have deployed officers spraying gas and swinging sticks, but instead he waited until he had an opportunity to take the parks as peacefully as possible. Just compare what has happened in New York and California to what has happened in Portland, it's a night and day difference! And that wasn't because of our fine mayor, it was because of the outstanding Chief of Police that we currently have. With the wrong chief it could easily be Portland that is receiving headline news, for the wrong reason!

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Conflict of interest? Just FYI the mayor is typically the police commissioner, just like Adams would have been from the start if he hadn't passed on the responsibility in a gutless move. "He has no idea how the city should run anyway", really? It seems to me like the last three mayors had no clue how the city should run! That is unless you like increased taxes and cuts in services! Personally I would love to see Mike Reese run for mayor, but maybe he decided not to run because he could not continue the downward spiral of this city! Good move on your part Chief, never enter a lose lose situation!

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I have had the unfortunate privilege of being involved in the Occupy Portland protest from the beginning. Prior to the "camp" being taken down I was at a general assembly where protesters stated that no one had the right claim ownership of land, it was truly "public property" that should be open to all with no one claiming deed to the land. This past Thursday I was at Pioneer Square where I heard the same people saying that US Bank should give then property to occupy. The thought was that if a bank had foreclosed on a house for more than three years the property should be turned over to the Occupy movement. They specifically stated that they wanted deed to the land! Wow what a change in values in little more than a week. For all of you who think you support the movement I suggest you attend a general assembly. I guarantee that the lack of focus, or of an overall goal, will make you think twice about saying you support the "movement"!

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Your right the police should have gone in there swinging batons and spraying gas! Had the Bureau just taken a stand from the start and kicked them out of the park on day one the city of Portland wouldn't be almost a million dollars in the hole! For all of you who think that it was appropriate to allow Occupy Portland to stay in the park for over a month raise your hand, and your checkbook! I personally don't want to foot the bill for a transient camp that lasted way way too long! The message was lost after the first week when every transient and street kid in downtown Portland found a new place to call home. I'm a firm believer of our first amendment rights, but lets get serious! I walked through the camp and talked to several people, many didn't have an idea about the purpose of the camp and most of the rest didn't have a clue as to the path for a successful outcome!

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Here's an idea.... take these fine outstanding individuals into you home so the police don't have to worry or deal with them. They can set up tents in your yard, which of course they will use as a bathroom, and spout how they are part of a movement! Lets not worry about the alcohol and drug use, the paramedics will deal with the occasional drug overdose! The message from this so called protest died long ago... now they are just trying to justify another transient camp. Lakeosteve I'm guessing you live in Lake Oswego and have not have the honor, pr awakening of actually walking through the Occupy Portland camp when it was in full swing. I would love to hear what you have to say if they moved into you little high income area of the northwest! I'm sure your much closer to the 1% than most of the citizens of Portland....Please invite them to stay with you! Personally I think Chief Reese waited too long to kick the transients out of the park... but then again he had to wait for the gutless mayor Sam Adams to give the thumbs up to do the right thing.