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You would be putting a very large number of our own farmers out of business, how would that help?

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A balanced approach to energy is needed. The wind doesn't always blow in the same place, at the same speed, for long periods of time. The same for hydroelectric and solar. That base power level needs to come from some larger station such coal or nuclear.
Another small problem, power lines, right here in our own State we have land owners suing BPA for building power lines in their neighborhood. These solar and wind projects need to get their power to the grid efficiently.
Lots of small, widely spaced solar and wind projects can still cost much more than larger base power systems depending on how much it costs to get the actual power to market.
Just this last spring, BPA had to shut down some wind turbines because Hydro was required by law to increase flow through their dams, and not over the spillway because of damage to fish runs. Spillway flows cause more damage to the fish than letting them go through the turbines, at least according to the enviros, who increase ALL of our power costs regardless of their source.

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I may not like him much (as a person) but I do like many of the parts and rolls he has played.

Well done Mr. Sheen!

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Cow throwing catapults might have been a better idea..

Lets just tell the terrorists where all the "anti" terror weapons are located.

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He could probably blame it on PTSD after dealing with TSA in a couple of airports during your travels.

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Very glad that those who found him we capable of keeping him safe!

Hopefully these people can help the family in finding a much better place for him to live.

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If we are expected to live up to ALL of our obligations of treaties written over 150 years ago, shouldn't the Tribes be held to the same standard?

Don't get me wrong, what America did to the natives was criminal! But for how long and how many generations is the rest of our Nation expected to pay for those crimes?

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If they want ALL of their fishing rights forever, THEY need live up to all the rest of the treaties clauses as well.

If one section of the treaty is expected to be followed, then ALL sections of these treaties should be FORCED!

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If the program is so "necessary" for the good of the people then "WE THE PEOPLE" should at least be able to INSIST that they (President, Senate, House Members) be required to participate as well!

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We don't need to bring in the fences at Safeco to help out, because that will just make it that much easier for the other teams to hit as well.

What we need is for the temperature at Safeco to warm up!

Just look at the scoring in Texas and Arizona for the reason!

It doesn't warm up in Seattle until after the All Star Game these days, and by then they are too far behind.