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Well, I tried to leave the political talk out of the post, but whatever. Let me get my two cents in real quick.

In regards to your complaint about our president getting too much press: Good, he's our president and SHOULD be out in front of the public as much as possible.

And I'll remind you that the public overwhelmingly agrees with me. A recent AP poll showed that a whopping 69% believe President Obama is on TV too little or just the right amount.

Only 28% said too much. Which, by the way, is about how many Americans identify themselves as Republicans. Coincidence? I think not.

And on a parting note, I'd say it's quite ironic that Fox Broadcasting, under the same umbrella as Fox News, happens to air a show called Lie to Me, something they're very good at over at Fox News. ;)

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Take note, it look's like it'll be renewed. No decision has been made yet.

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The finals are now in, along with the week-to-week/episode-to-episode comparisons.

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Well I never said they didn't promote the show, only that I don't believe they promoted it well (a problem that exists network-wide, as you noted).

There's a difference.

They could have pushed up the premiere, or they could have simply done a better job at generating buzz. When it premiered, there was nearly no buzz. I mean, the premiere drew just 6.08M viewers and a 1.6 A18-49 rating.

It was never properly sampled, so in a way, it was never even given a chance to fail.