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Weasel fight! Bring it on! No lies barred!

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The medical uses of marijuana are many---pain relief, nausea relief, insomnia relief, inability to appreciate Jerry Garcia relief, poor appetite for Ben & Jerry's relief, inability to orgasm more than 4-5 times a night relief, poor cognitive receptivity for network television relief. But it does not make voting Republican any healthier. So it should be strictly controlled for conditions where it has demonstrable patient benefit. Plus for religious purposes, like my religion and my followers who consider reefer a daily prayer for cookies.

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Since high gas prices and energy costs are due to markets and speculation, not taxes, that would indicate the true correlative to the slave holder is the capitalist, not the government. Since taxes and regulations (ought to) restrain capitalist excesses, that would indicate the contemporary abolitionists are Democrats with guts and the public interest in their policies, not Fox News Corp. Since a black conservative commentator on a privately owned propaganda network favors capitalism and opposes government, that would indicate the correlative to the house slave is in fact Deneen Borelli. An uncomfortable truth, to be sure, but if you make your chains, you live in them.

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More proof that there are aliens from an alternate universe among us, where trickle down economics work, white makes might makes right, job creators actually create jobs before padding their bank accounts, and New Gingrich is Moon Governor For Life!Someone tell NASA to stop wasting money looking for Martians. It's hardly an accident that Unskewed Polls is an anagram for Pukes Doll News!

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My comment supporting the trip to Greece was "deleted by the adminstrator" when I hit "submit comment'. I can't understand why. I love Wonkette, everyone who posts comments, and all the intrepid correspondents and editors. I don't even use colorful language, though I appreciate it when others do so. What gives?

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"compelling story"=fact-free, logic-free lie
"much greater esteem"=muslins will bow down before a rich, white guy
"hypothetical Romney administration"=white entitlment is right
"would have prevented violent protests"=rich guy with retroactive money machine can buy anyone, anywhere, anytime

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We need a real Nancy holding the Speaker's gavel, not some too tanned nancy-boy.

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I love the smell of desperation in the morning. Smells like victory.

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That's within stumbling distance of my homestead! But to hell with patience--I started drinky thingying with Philly, and I'm not stopping until the Editrix in Chief is taking more of those sideways pics with her iPhone.

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Paul Ryan must be tutoring math at Reuters on the side--while smoking the marijuana, of course. With some AC/DC blasting in his iPod earbuds. Can't blame him.
He's going to need another job soon.