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People what to feel better about african american will obama is just that african and a little american. Some just voted to show that they r not racist,. Now they can't say they screwed all of us by voting for the worse president we have ever had. If you can't afford to live in america will will you go africa? Good choice and take omaba with you.

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what really make me mad is that we can't be on the same team AMERICA. If we can't agree to do things that's ok, but to just disagree because the media pushes people apart with one sided coverage.That is not. Most americans just don't know what is going on so I guess it is easier to take a side and go with the flow. That's what got us where we are now. We let the party's tell us what is good for us and the media tells us what they think is the right info on the subject. In the end we will see what we have done by say our party is right, even when we know better.

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Hell just ask for a bailout and that you will share it. Spread the wealth.

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I hope the CIA does what It does best with PELOSI. Take her down as she is a traitor. She can start playing american tax payers for the use of your military and planes that she thinks is hers. How about some law suits like they did to Gov. Palin... She has money share some of it with the poor. Tax her butt 90% retroactived. She is one I will never trust.

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As for solialist healthcare. What part of we pay for what we need with what we have and when we have it is socialist.your drinking kool aid from any differance sources. The fact is we don't need insurance or the government to control our healthcare cost.

We can take the path we have or we can make a new road. Take what we have now and cut all parts that don't work. What do we have left. Not much. Let do It right this time. If we go to socialist healthcare we will never be able to change back. SEE SS and Medicare they are socialist programs that we can't fix because we would hurt too many americans. By the way we did not start the programs,They where sold to us by snake oil salesman in washington. And we just paid them as we alway do.

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We get billed for more than the insurance pays because the insurance companies don't pay. They pay about 80 cent on the dollar, same as medicare. We pay what they don't. If you think paying a insurer is going to affect the cost what direction will the cost go. UP. We can self insure with out them. Our tax dollars can do what the insurances company are doing COVERING THE GAP. We need to remove that GAP. many american will never buy insurance I'm one. I have never paid ONE PENNY to insure my med cost. I pay for it as I go. I have had a large balance of 10K at one time. I reduced that with the hopitals by 40% buy paying the balance with cash . The choices were take my payment or take me to court or settle they did just that. They understand they had no choice, my payment or settle. This real is not that hard to see that we are being taken to the cleaners with cost. If you have insurance are you paying for it? My guess is your employer is paying too . That is your money it just looks like insurance. How about making 3.00 to 6.00 per hour more.

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We need to stop the BS. The Cost is high because in part the insurance cost . We can afford healthcare we can't afford the insurance. Steps to make health services affordable. No more health insurance or the cost we pay to process it. All fees that goes into health insurance should go to a medical account. The tax dollars wasted should be used to pay the our medical debt. Not create more. Childred med cost should be paid by both the mother and father, See (DNA) Married or not. Tax us and put it into our med account not the pocket of washington.
Tax breaks for discounts from medical services. And most med fees must be fixed accross the US. Same for rich and the poor. All income must be tax for this. YES you too poor or rich. everyone. It does go into your family med account not someone elses.

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Glenn Beck

I hope you read this post, I have posted 3 time a healthcare post in 3 days not one has show up on this site I hope this gets fixed . if not im gone this is a great ideal but my voice should be heard.

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Sandy if we can't agree on what we stand for why would anyone join?

Open to all conservatives, What is it that makes us conservatives? What can we not agree on and still be united as conservatives. For me I simply want the right live my life with the rights my creator has blessed me with. As an american I ask for the rights our founding fathers has given not be taken away.

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LOL and Did obama grow on a oak tree?

What do you get if you plant a acorn in cow dung for 4 years?

I bet every gets this one right. Vote Thumbs Up for Obama or Down for anything else.