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Ian Alleyne really good yes!
I just hear him talking one pack ah spit on TV.
After all dem project he start , empty the treasury to buy votes in St. Joseph ,
The truth is , HE STILL LORSE.
De man still sayin dat he ent LORSE .

Boy dem people delusional.....

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Much respect to you too Rob!

Things are getting " Curiouser ,and Curiouser."

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But what happened to Express?
Seems the forum is closed most of the times.

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Well, Madame PM,
The writing is one the wall.
In case you can't see it, it goes something like this:
" Mene mene tekel upharsin.."

"..You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, tonight your kingdom is taken away from you.."

Sorry, but after Tobago and now this, it is clear that you cannot win an election given the new political landscape. People are no longer prepared to vote on race or gender, neither suscribe to any concept of political hegemony.
After surrounding yourself with a bunch of clumsy teifing troglodytes, did you really expect the people to still support you?
Based on what ?
Your obscene matriarchal posturing?
Your " Alice in wonderland " style of leadership?

Behold , the Mad Hatter , [ Jack Warner] awaits.
Here endeth....

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I agree with you 100%!

A lot of these places / resorts not really " child safe."
If we want to promote these places as tourist destinations for family vacations , then we need to get with the programme.

Most of those consrete tables ARE NOT FASTENED to their bases.
I remembe many moons ago , I was at a poolside party / function when I sat on one of those concrete tables and braps! food , drinks, everything come sliding down. I jumped off real fast , from the time the table start tilting , so it didnt land onn the ground.

I could only imagine what happened to that little youth man.
Children are natural explorers and they push their limits.

Judgement dreadful.

Whether he was swinging or sitting on the table cannot be an issue.
The real issue is that the table was not properly fastened to its base , and it fell off and killed him.

They would have to pay the parents of that child.
They lucky it wasn't a foreigner, or all now it would have been all over teh place.

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Bomb does still go " tick, tick, tick?

I thought that was only in dem long time tom & jerry cartoons?

Anyway, the way things going now one can never bee too careful.

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Yes but if Jack Warner was ah PNM , everything would have been wrong with his actions.
Ramlogan would have been lambasting him in he column in de Sunday Guardian papers....

Doh worry.

"....What sweet in goat mouth , does sour in he bam-bam...."

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Ha, ha, ha!
Lemme see.
Allyuh tink the AG didn't know that dem fellers aint coming no way near dis enquiry?
What dey vcoming here for if dey know dat police go hold dem?

But all de AG's " fancy lawyers " make dey " bag ah money....."
and CLICO policy holders have to settle for $75K?


Allyuh feel all ah dem fellers corrupt in joke or wat ?

" Morality in public affairs..."


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"...When bacchach going and dead dey does get wings tuh fly....."

Bye, bye * independents *

Over to you President Carmona.

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Ah hear dat during the election when Jack Warner and Kamla realize that Ashworth Jack going to loose he seat they fly across with Anil Roberts and start some heavy campaigning in Mason hall.

Ah hear the more Anil talk, the less votes Ashworth Jack get.
Ah hear dat is Anil who make him lorse he seat.

But dat could just be ole talk, I don't know ah just hear.........