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Oh Tim - you are so much fun! Thanks for commenting here!

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FINANCIAL DESK - your financial comments seem to be at least a little different than what NPR radio says - Tim Geithner

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Gad, that was painful to watch. Megyn Kelly went up in my mind - and far. But to me, this was professional death for Kirsten. I knew Kirsten was biased, and maybe most humans are biased. But when it gets to the point where you ignore questions, the details of the subject and do not listen to logic and can only end with blaming the last admin, well, a person should not be a commentator any more. There should be some things that commentators need to do to keep credibility and expect to get paid since people want to hear them. Painful, really painful to watch. I had to write Fox and complain about Kirsten Powers and also congratulate Megyn after watching this - it seemed THAT extreme to me.

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Good points. However, I would add that the Democrats have had 3 years to fix things - which also makes them wholly liable for the recession in total also. The point is the lame duck presidency. For his last 2 years in office, Bush was a lame duck, meaning of the 536 legislators in Washington, 535 were Democratic controlled and only one was Republican. So when Obama blames everything on Bush and ignores his 535 pals who had more to do with things, he is not telling the truth. It is pretty clear to me that from 2006 on that Bush had little to do with things.

Too often we forget the impact of what a lame duck presidency means. Yet, it is in fact what we hope to happen in 2010 - to tie Obama into knots his last two years.

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I really get tired of people telling me Rush Limbaugh or Fox News has to go. First of all there is the first amendment freedom of speech. Secondarily the times I did listen to Rush I did not hear anything that sounds like a lie or distortion, but I hear lies and distortions on network news and CNN all of the time. For example, a few days back CNN saw no need to talk about our record 1.3 trillion debt or that we added $181 in July alone or about Obama firing Walpin which is against the law since 30 days were required. But instead they ran a two year old peace that Bush and Cheney fired 9 or 10 lawyers. What is wrong with that? Those lawyers serve at the pleasure of the president meaning no law possible to break and also Clinton fired 93. Telling only part of that story makes the story telling a lie. And yes I did write that to CNN for all the good it will do.

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It is a left leaning org in disguise. While Senior Citizens could use a voice, it ain't them as seen as their kissing up to Obama while Obama plans euthanasia for AARP members. But then again, lots of lies out there. The ACLU does not give a hoot about our constitution but has communist beginnings. Google ACLU + Communism. And since when have liberals been liberal? They are anti religion, anti Republican, anti Constitution and often anti truth. Liberals have become socialist dictator wanna bes. And there is the claim of separation of church and state being in the first amendment. Actually none of those three words, separation church nor state are in the first amendment. Yet those who claim to want separation of church and state are liars. They want the state to take down mangers, ten commandments stop using the words Merry Christmas, and to shut off microphones if anyone says the word Jesus and to prohibit Religion in schools. If there truly was separation of church and state, then the police would simply say "That is a religious issue. Not my Job." Hypocrisy and lies everywhere - at least on the left.

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Good point. That happened right the first week I was watching O Reilly, so I had no perspective at that moment. Like many, I had ignored news for years. When I did discover news and became concerned about our country, I then did an immediate change and became a news junkie - also doing research and looking up history to see if the stories matched reality - and also trying to inject logic and common sense. But this problem - was right at the start. And at that time, O Reilly for his flaws was better than the others. Now that Beck gives him competition, he looks quite weak, and he knows it. It also seems the Democrats have shifted their sites from Limbaugh and O Reilly to Limbaugh and Beck. O Reilly seems to want to have Beck on a lot. I can guess why. I think O Reilly is doing the ratings game and following the Oprah lead. Recall that Oprah has gotten good ratings but never wants to get mad or yell at anyone; she has Dr. Phil and others do that so she can look like the Loving Queen in the middle. Likewise with O Reilly. Well, ask yourself if Patrick Henry or Washington would have done that ... nope.

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I believe the trap O Reilly falls into is the desire for ratings above all else. While that is smarter than the NY Times, MSNBC and CNN who put crazy ideology first even at the price of losing their ratings and companies it is not the best. In fact, O Reilly may now be seen as a centrist politician who has become amoral. By amoral I mean no longer concerned with right and wrong, but just go the way of being the most popular. But this is nothing new. In the past he refused to get into many hot items such as Bush firing 10 lawyers or the Valerie Plame issue even though it was on Fox's own network that Robert Novak who wrote the article on Valerie Plame and her outing said his source was Richard Armitage. Nope. The man has avoided the hot items in the past. If O Reilly were back in 1776, we would still be with King George

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Yeah, and yet at least yesterday zero news on CNN. And Obama says his stimulus plan is working. And Newsweek says the recession is over. Perhaps all politicians and media have lied to the people in the past. But this administration has made lies and playing rough into an art form .... as the country gets damaged.

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The problem with this is, even if Spector and Obama himself have good intentions, lack of money can cause the problem just as it has in UK and Canada and elsewhere. When the government runs out of money, and it already has, just no one is counting, then someone will need to ration. And the rationing will be ugly and go against the citizens. For example, the US and also California are out of money, but do they stop their charity to illegal immigrants? No, they want the Spanish vote. So California is letting 40,000 inmates out of jail while we continue to give charity to illegal immigrants and programs for sea otters and saving marine turtles - where 80% of the money goes over seas. Public health will be no more intelligent. The bureaucrats will not cut down on their salaries, hiring, jets, or statues or pensions, they will decide that they are more important than us and so what if we die waiting in lines.