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I was PROUD once again to stand up with my fellow concerned Staten Island Americans today, in protest of the ill advised government takeover of healthcare, and the out of control deficit spending of our Federal Government. About 100 people came out on a hot Friday afternoon to let our congressman see our faces and hear our voices. I'm always humbled standing among these fine people.

However, I was particularly HONORED to stand beside Luba and her daughter Irena, both of whom came here from Communist Russia. Luba and her husband fled the horror of Communism seeking freedom. They started a small but successful business from absolutely nothing, work long and hard and are struggling in the current economy as are all small business owners. Their daughter Irena is the only Conservative in her college Political Science class, where she is often picked on and demeaned for her views. Yet she never shrinks from the demeaning taunts and defends her views with passion and intelligence.

They became involved in the Tea Party movement because they're disappointed to think that this country, which they've adopted and love as their own, is today heading in the Socialist/Communist direction that they fled. They feel many in America who have known freedom are taking for granted what we have. If only we knew the reality of living under a governments suffocating thumb, then we would all be in the streets protesting the abuses going on in our own country now.

I think Luba and Irena are the true embodiment of the American Dream. They're shining examples of what I believe the greatness of America IS, and COULD BE. I am inspired by them, and I will proudly continue to fight beside them to preserve these precious ideals.

Russ Paladino

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"Chastity Boner"........sorry I couldn't help myself.

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My great frustration in the past 15 or so years has been the difficulty in engaging people with different ideology in a discussion of issues and ideas instead of the conversation degenerating into name calling and trying to invalidate one another. It seems people who share my conservative ideology are more willing to discuss issues, but I have friends and aquaintances on the left who will discuss issues (however they are not usually very well versed in them even if they want to). My dream for America is that we can unite around these principles, no matter what side of the political spectrum, and that we will once again come together for the common cause of preserving the greatness of our country and making it even greater. Maybe this initiative will be able to do just that. Thanks for leading the cause Glenn!